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How to create a CPK

Hello everybody! Long time ago I was do that tutorial but not translate to english.

We need the tool called Cri Packed File Maker, you can download from here.

We have to create a folder with the name that we let's want, this will be the name of the CPK.
It's necessary to bear in mind that is necessary to create the folders where the files are such a which they are in the original CPK of the game, for example:


Once have everything what we need in our folder, we open the program, and we give to the folder that is in the top part.
[Image: 8iMHk66.png]

We choose our folder.
[Image: 9Mn5qgk.png]

There will be loaded all the files that it contains.
[Image: LOGdo0i.png]

Already finally we click on " Build CPK file ... " and a window will go out for us, says to us where we want that the CPK creates.

Important: The configuration of this window has to be the following one:
  • Data Align: 2048
  • The boxes "Try Compression" y "Mask directions informations" unchek.
  • File Mode: Filename
[Image: qlZghDk.png]

Once we have this configuration, we click on "Start to Build".
[Image: F9EvVVd.png]

It will begin to create the CPK and once it's ready, we will be jumped by a window of which already it was completed.
[Image: 2JWejcR.png]

If you have some doubt, you know already, can ask it here, greetings.

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