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hellllppppppppppp i have problem pes 2015 when i play witch my brother 1-2 player i win all time when i play 1player when i play 2 player i lose all time 1player is more speed more good together we play same team same strategy i have this problem pes 2014

i have pes patch 3.0 dlc 2.0

there are so many links to download.. can you tell me which one is first lol?
please help me by 1. 2. 3. .. and do i need to install v1.0?

Yes, you need to install v1.0. Read this post

(01-15-2015 08:03 PM)GenRu Wrote:  Yes, you need to install v1.0. Read this post

what is update 1.02.00? where to find it :/

.. i have problems to install your patch
Pleaseee help me!

i dont know where to find dlc 2.0 and where to update 1.2?? please help

// here :

Hi there,

Does anyone know when the patch for the PS4 will be released?

// won't be.

hello everybody i need help for the patch pes 2015 can I have a good link thank you

pls how can i update my version of pes 2015???

i have a problem with installation

hi there
i need your help
as you may know konami has shout down the server for this game, so i need to download dlc 4.0 in order to let any patch and FO somebody know where to get that DLC?


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