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Cabanaxbox Edition Presents: Classic Faces (Special Edition)

[Image: 1979333_10205328740527399_41860976178549...=938&h=746]
[Image: 10708500_10205328808449097_5713510974633...=938&h=746]
[Image: captura29.jpg?w=938&h=762]
[Image: captura35.jpg?w=938&h=911]
[Image: captura33.jpg?w=938&h=761]

[Image: captura31.jpg?w=645][Image: captura32.jpg?w=645][Image: Captura.jpg]
[Image: captura34.jpg?w=938&h=912]
[Image: captura36.jpg?w=938&h=762]
[Image: captura38.jpg?w=645]
[Image: 10748559_10205322025119518_618937360_n.jpg?w=645]
[Image: Pele_The_Autobiography.jpg]
[Image: Captura.jpg]
[Image: captura37.jpg?w=645][Image: captura41.jpg?w=938&h=663]
[Image: captura42.jpg?w=938&h=656]
[Image: af2.jpg?w=938&h=524]
[Image: captura40.jpg?w=645]
[Image: 10577732_10205323422474451_257115020_o.jpg?w=938&h=762]
[Image: captura43.jpg?w=938&h=566]

[Image: 2014-11-03-19-14-37.jpg?w=938&h=731]
[Image: 2014-11-03-19-13-58.jpg?w=938&h=1296]
[Image: 2014-11-03-19-14-56.jpg?w=938&h=731]
[Image: 2014-11-03-19-16-32.jpg?w=938&h=1296]
[Image: captura10.jpg?w=938&h=786]
[Image: captura26.jpg?w=938&h=578]
[Image: captura16.jpg?w=938&h=551]
[Image: captura24.jpg?w=645]

Hello Cabanaxbox, I need you help.
I want to make faces starting with FaceGen
I've done the face in FaceGen but can not convert to open in blender
Can anyone provide the files from the folder "[b]csam_facegen to pes by cherif_nour_[/b]"? Or, teach me to convert to another method.
[Image: Sem%20tiacutetulo_zps3pkvwluk.jpg]

[Image: Sem%20tiacutetulo2_zpsy8mketxp.jpg]

Thanks, I am waiting for you help.  Good

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