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PES 2013 Patch WC14 by Team Raik

PES 2013 Patch WC14 by Team Raik

-: Patch Features: -

* Patch is compatible with DLC 6.00 * change the energies of the players fully
Add a huge amount of European-faceted and updated styles hair nearly all the players from the 5000 face
The latest work of the summer transfer window so far this
* Update crews some teams and clubs season 2015/2014
* Update slogans some teams
* Change the graphics of the game completely
* Added the latest tool to make it harder Jim PlayStation game
* Adding realistic animated faces of referees
* Add all the 2014 World Cup stadiums
* Add New Menu and New Intro
* Add the latest Core Pak
* Add the latest Buck Shoes
* Easing paths patch to solve the problem Althennej
* Add encouragements Per Teams
* Update Scorpurdat game
* Update teams the Club World Cup in 2014 to become the
* Add the fact the World Cup
* Update plans and formations most teams
* List spoke against Egypt
* Add the teams classical
* Add-month European teams like Galatasaray and Basel to other European teams
* Add the latest kits for European teams season 2015/2014
* Add a huge amount of global-faceted
* Energies realistic and correct formations
* Add a new Core Pak and distinctive shoes
* Add flooring HD
* Add the latest slogans international competitions
* Add new graphics for 2014 World Cup
* Add new songs buck for the World Cup 2014
* Add stadiums global interventions


[Image: paPreN.png]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-15-53-13.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-16-55-40.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-18-03-16.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-18-57-85.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-20-03-36.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-24-42-51.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-25-05-57.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-24-57-67.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-24-50-89.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-26-01-79.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-25-38-26.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-25-50-26.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-26-09-92.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-26-16-81.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-27-34-33.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-31-22-93.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-36-50-16.jpg]

[Image: pes2013+2014-07-10+06-35-53-25.jpg]




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