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Kit Real Madrid

Sorry for the question... i'm a new user and i don't know if i am in the right place... But noone have to do the orange kit of Real Madrid...
On the web is impossible to find and i need to know if someone can do it...
The original pes 2014 real kit (the third) is yellow and i don't like it...
Is possible that some one create it?
Let me know and see you soon...
Thank for the attention...

Why 18 persons see this post and no one answer me?

Tnks for answers... and for making real kit!!! Compliments!!!

When someone will make it you will know.

Will be here and will send you a PM ...

Ok but why no one have the idea to do it? i see all days kit of national team like Zambia or giamaica... Why giamaica and zambia yes and no real madrid? no one want real with the real t shirt?
Tnks for answer dear Genru...
wainting for answers:)))

Maybe those kitmakers are Barcelona fans Dntknw

AH AH AH! You're so Funny Genru... Sorry but can you ask them to do it? for pes 2013 there is the REal Madrid complete Kit, is not possible to trasform it for pes 2014? Please help me...

Can i ask someone to do this kit please? if you want i can put the kit orange but for pes 2013... Help me
Who want to do this kit?

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