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How to register on main site ! MUST READ!

Every day our main site is hit by hundreds of spambots. For this reason we decided to prevent registration. Example of spam (fake users)

iN5cD9iL7u [email protected]
m23g4gH7j [email protected]
sY1tF0cJ7y [email protected]
yT8eB3wW9f [email protected]

Best way is to send me a private message here on forum with your details and you will get manually registered on main site.
This way, your account will be approved 100% and you will receive the welcome message in your email as approval. Good

PM me here in forum (or use thread reply, or Facebook Private Message in our official page)

- your username (desired)
- email
- a password (you can change it later, to keep it private)

and I will create an account for you as soon as possible and reply in your private message the details. All PMs are answered.

Rebice el mio :
Username: XDjuanmiXD0205

OK ... all the others patchmakers who sent me PMs are confirmed also.

Username: EvonesiaTeam

// OK

Username: axaaxa2
E-mail: [email protected]

You need to register first with this username on main site , then ask for confirmation. After you are registered there you will be confirmed.

All the other users registered the last 2 days without asking confirmation are deleted. Every day 100s of spammers are registering, we prevent this. So :

[Image: 2dpga59f.png]

Hello, my name is sudhir. I need to activate my account on main site to submit patches.
Username - sudhirattri

username : madn11
email : [email protected]

[email protected]

All above confirmed, the rest was deleted.
[Image: 8vq7y9dz.png]

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