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Enter Barclays PL, promo 2013/14. [My Montage] by secun1972

Video dedicated to and my friend GenRu.DrinksGood
Here I leave this video intro that i made for the PES 2012 and 2013 of PC.
If you want it as an intro for the mode in PES 2012 BPL then rename the file to: pes12ic_d.sfd
Replaces the main enter the game.
Audio and video editing by secun.
Adaptation to the PES by secun.
Within the game will not be the title of the video.
song: Two Steps From Hell - Portals Over Earth

Copy and paste within the img of the original game.
Make backup copy of the file to replace!AVsyQYYB!dBEGil957N...93gqrN72LI


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