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PES 2012 Turf Pack by Dr. Hany v1.5 final released with add-on

PES 2012 Turf Pack by Dr. Hany v1.5 final

1-include turfs for all default stadiums.
2-include turfs for stadiums created by the in-game stadium editor.
3-day and evening turfs have adjusted contrast , lighting and realistic colors "NO neon green turfs".
4-night and rainy turfs have completely changed night/rainy lighting , with adjusted colors and contrast "u will love night and rainy games" with preserved manager lines as they are unique for every stadium turf.
5-run the installer and choose the img folder inside the kitserver.
6-all-in-one version "does not need any previous version".

download PES 2012 Turf Pack by v1.5 final

pes 2012 Turf Pack add-on

-different style turfs for some stadiums to allow more variation of turfs in the turf pack
-the add-on is for the following 8 stadiums
Burg Stadium,Stadio Orione,Stade De France,konami Stadium,Rose Park Stadium,Estadio Amazonas,Stade De Sagittaire,Estadio Jose Alvalade

download pes 2012 Turf Pack add-on

if u want to reuse these turfs with any patch just mention the credits

feel free to post ur opinion , any suggestions , any bugs u find .

best regards

Dr. Hany


[Image: 99973209.jpg]
[Image: 75871268.jpg]
[Image: 56525899.jpg]
[Image: 79395342.jpg]
[Image: 67984179.jpg]
[Image: 30155274.jpg]
[Image: 71498781.jpg]
[Image: 21929323.jpg]
[Image: 56475056.jpg]
[Image: 63598181.jpg]
[Image: 63615251.jpg]
[Image: 50273775.jpg]
[Image: 82059400.jpg]
[Image: 23hw411.jpg]
[Image: 312gvio.jpg]
[Image: npq995.jpg]
[Image: 30bny9s.jpg]
[Image: 2im495v.jpg]
[Image: 15gdor8.jpg]
[Image: w0mhcz.jpg]
[Image: 11c5pv6.jpg]
[Image: ogm1qo.jpg]
[Image: t6vuav.jpg]
[Image: 2q1xiqs.jpg]


[Image: kcfozk.jpg]
[Image: qo8tjc.jpg]
[Image: 49014800.jpg]
[Image: 111vmw.jpg]
[Image: 10366654.jpg]
[Image: 67041734.jpg]
[Image: 1111jy.jpg]
[Image: 59945999.jpg]
[Image: 22223061.jpg]
[Image: 28935698.jpg]
[Image: 83035480.jpg]
[Image: 93086474.jpg]
[Image: 60580689.jpg]
[Image: 45026937.jpg]


add-on screens

[Image: 84748852.jpg]
[Image: 74083883.jpg]
[Image: 666eg.jpg]
[Image: 6666666666l.jpg]
[Image: 666666666u.jpg]
[Image: 66666666n.jpg]
[Image: 77777a.jpg]
[Image: 777777c.jpg]
[Image: 77777777f.jpg]
[Image: 86791952.jpg]
[Image: 777gu.jpg]

[Image: 111zwg.jpg]
[Image: 82404218.jpg]
[Image: 2222222vg.jpg]
[Image: 1111111s.jpg]
[Image: 11111111qw.jpg]
[Image: 222xep.jpg]
[Image: 40416922.jpg]
[Image: 84894012.jpg]
[Image: 444mn.jpg]
[Image: 4444fq.jpg]

add-on screens "2"

[Image: 153sd.jpg]
[Image: 93767558.jpg]
[Image: 25338764.jpg]
[Image: 49359937.jpg]
[Image: 91520230.jpg]
[Image: 74399851.jpg]
[Image: 81954139.jpg]
[Image: 70602706.jpg]
[Image: 44553334.jpg]
[Image: 13580143.jpg]
[Image: 98864937.jpg]
[Image: 555555555u.jpg]
[Image: 55555im.jpg]
[Image: 555qm.jpg]
[Image: 15923008.jpg]

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