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How to install a patch using AFS Explorer - Tutorial by andrecr7

This is for all those who had problems with the Kits not showing ingame... Well anyway time for business.

This is what i did... i used AFS EXPLORER 3.7.1


I used the patch: <a href="">PL+La Liga+Serie A Relink Kits v.1.2 by Grand Bleu</a>

AFS can be downloaded from here: <a href="">PES 2010 AFS Map</a> + GGS Guide

Before you follow by step-by-step install guide, make sure you already have AFS and you have extracted the files from the patch to your desktop, to make things easier

<strong>Step-by-step install guide:</strong>

- Open AFS
- click on file/import AFS file
- look for C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\img and then select dt0c.img (an option will come up, click on NO)
- now click on action, import folder, and you will import the dt0c.img folder from the patch
- another option will come up, this time please click on YES
- then it will ask you to save, name the file dt0c.img1, after this it will start building
- another option yet again, click on NO
- Not far now! open up My Computer, then go to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\img, you should see there 2 files called dt0c.img and dt0c.img1, what you will do is Delete the file called dt0c.img and rename the file dt0c.img1 to dt0c.img
- Lastly look for the files you have extracted from the patch to your desktop, you should have a folder there called Save. Copy the file inside it to My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\save
- You can close AFS Explorer now and play PES2010 with all the kits!

This method applies for importing different stuff like balls, etc.

Credits to <strong>boonaun</strong> for helping me install the patch successfully.

Sometime we face problem during any software installation and we able to fix that problem through online researching. I truly admire this link update about fixing the gaming problems and install them into the proper way without losing data.

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