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PES2013 PATCH 2022 AIO الدوري المصري و دوري ابطال العرب وافريقيا

PES 2013 PATCH 2022 AIO الدوري المصري و دوري ابطال العرب وافريقيا
[Image: PES-2013-PATCH-2022-PL-ARAB-CHAMPIONSHIP...%D8%A7.jpg]

Features :
  • Comprehensive update for all teams, teams and world championships
  • Option File with the latest transfers for the new season 2021 / 2022
  • Adding the Egyptian League teams with the best faces and the latest kits, then the latest transfers for 2022.
  • All teams participating in the Arab Championship for Champions Clubs for the 21/22 season.
  • Moroccan league teams or the professional championship participating in the Arab and African Cups.
  • All Tunisian league champion teams for the new year.
  • The African Champions League, the European Champions League, then the European and African Nations Cup, with the addition of the classic teams.
  • A large selector with strong features, then exclusive to this large patch.
  • New menus, then backgrounds, images or graphics, similar to PES 22.
  • Special mods for all international leagues such as the English, Spanish, German and Italian leagues...
  • All transfers for the new season 2022/2021 and then amending plans and formations for teams and teams.
  • The promotion of the promoted teams to Division 1, then the relegation of the descending teams to Division 2 for all leagues.
  • Players' faces in high quality and then real hair styles.
  • Add the latest clothes or kits for all teams and teams, as well as referees' clothes.
  • The latest packages of shoes in all brands for the players, then the latest guards' gloves.
  • Large stadiums and then very realistically wonderful.
  • Dakhlat stadiums or new floors imaginary.
  • The new gameplay or gameplay is similar to PES2022.
  • Fan songs and then new audios within the game.
  • Arabic comment for the game PES 13.
  • You will find other additions and features in the patch after downloading and running it on your device...
Preview :


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