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PES 2020 edit ML players (abilities, positions, role etc ) by Timneh

How you edit ML players (abilities, positions, role etc ) For PES 2020

First, I didn’t invent this method. It’s been used by other editors since older versions of PES. I just haven’t seen it on Evoweb so I’ll share. It’s simple and quick. The changes can be seen in real time. You can edit the Masterleague player's
  • Age

  • Nationality

  • Stronger Foot

  • Positions

  • Abilities

  • Skills

  • Team Role

  • Contract

  • And other stuff
You will need to download Cheat Engine from Here and PES 2020 Cheat Table by xAranaktu from Here.

[b]Before you start, [b]it's important to back up your ML file.


  1. Open Cheat Table file by clicking on it so it will be launched directly in Cheat Engine

  2. Run PES 2020. Keep it open in the background. Just press Windows key to go to the desktop

  3. In Cheat Engine —> File —> Open process 
    [Image: icon-jpg.33412]
     —> choose your game PES 2020.exe --> Yes

  4. Again to PES—> load ML —> My Team info —> Squad List —> hover over the player you want to edit
    Spoiler: screenshot
  1. Return to Cheat Engine. From the lower part of the divided screen, activate the Edit Player script by checking (X) it. Then Check the title you want to change, for example, ([b]X[/b]) Abilities then (X) Attributes.
    Spoiler: screenshot

  2. [b]Highlight[/b] the specific ability by simply moving the cursor over it, for example, Kicking Power. Make sure to leave it unchecked ( ) this time
    Spoiler: screenshot

  3. Pay attention to the numbers under Value (the last column). They should be the same numbers as in the game. If you see question marks (??) go to the game and hover to another player then choose your player again. Come back to Cheat Engine

  4. Double click then write the new number you want. In some cases like nationality choose from the menu provided
    Spoiler: screenshot

  5. Open PES again. To view the changes, hover over another player then go back to your player
    Spoiler: screenshot

  6. Save the game if you approve all the changes

  7. Enjoy!

Additional notes for the geeks

You can edit players from other teams too. Go to League Database -> Team Info -> Pick Team -> Squad List -> Hover over the player you want to edit and do the same
Checking (X) a specific attribute like Kicking Power above will change it for all team members with the same number. This is helpful if you want to edit the entire team quickly and collectively, but you don’t want that for individual players editing. That’s why make sure it is unchecked in that case
You can change abilities to crazy numbers like 5 or 120, but this needs further testing to see if it has any real effect in-game
You may want to try team roles that are hard to achieve otherwise, like Bad Boy
This tool is very useful to view player ID quickly in real-time for other editing purposes. It will show up straight away when you select any player
It's possible to change age to alter the development and retirement of players. In some older players, sometimes you will get wrong numbers. You need to experiment a bit. Changing the Type to Bits instead of Binary seems to fix the issue for me. Enter the new age and see if it works properly.
You can also change age to fictional numbers say 13 or 55 for youth and senior ranks. How many seasons those players will last requires further testing
Here is an info post by xAranaktu, the developer. He explains more stuff with cool features like editing BAL players or Team Budget and other stuff. Huge respect!

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