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Option File SMoKE 17.1.6 by EsLaM - UNOFFICIAL Update

Hi guys, first of all I have to do a "disclaimer". My work is based on the excellent EsLaM update that I thank and to which my tribute goes.  Drinks
While its update stopped on January 15 (with some inaccuracies), I continued the updates of the winter market by recording the movements of the main football leagues.

- Winter transfers '20 updated (until 31th)
- Add 3 new players (Igor -> Fiorentina, Bruno Guimares -> Lyon, Joao Pedro -> Watford)
- Updated some line-up (for example Atalanta and Milan)

[Image: Immagine.png]

Link  Gamer3

Have fun!
P.S. Obviously it only works with SmokePatch updated to the latest version

P.S. (2) Sorry for Joao Pedro and Bruno Guimares stats, but I'm searching a good overall. I will publishing some update.

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