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Hi everyone, i need help for a patch.

I bought PES just few days after the release and i've updated the teams and competitions with a patch which required to be placed in ..\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\WEPES and updated via the in game editor.

Last week i reset my pc, but (except backing up the KONAMI folder) i didn't saved the link of that patch. Now i've discovered that i always missed the Bundesliga team and other features i think.

In this pic you can see what's inside the WEPES folder of my game.

[Image: annotazione-2020-01-30-220007-jpg.147864]

Anyone can help me to explain which is the most complete patch to use in order to have all the competitions, players and teams via WEPES folder? I don't want to install or use third party apps or tools if possibile, i always used the WEPES folder and i'm satisfied with this method

Thanks in advance to anyone will help me :)

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