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PES 2019 Super Star Patch V.1 Season 2019-2020

PES2019 Super Star Patch Version 1 Season 2019-2020

* Added the Evoswitcher tool with the latest update 5.0, 5.1
* Added a large number of faces and Update a large number of faces
* Update all Kits for Teams and National Teams
* Adding all unlicensed Leagues and teams and unlicensed National Teams in the game
* Patch compatible with latest Data Pack 6
* Update all transfers for all teams on 9/6/2019
* Add a large number of mini face to all teams and National Teams
* Add the feature of playing all the matches of the Champions League at night and not during the day
* Update all Scoreboards for all Leagues for the latest update
* And many features you discover yourselves

[Image: Super-Star-Patch-V.1-2019.jpg]

Very important Notes :

* Don't Forget Download All Data Pack 1-6 AIO Because Not built-in Patch

* You need to download the FIX with PATCH to avoid any problems if you do not download FIX. We are not responsible for any problem you encounter in the PATCH

* The Patch does not change in the Game Play at all

* Added anti-lag tool so that the owners of weak devices to run the game without any problems

* Evoswitcher tool 5.0 and 5.1 compatible without any problems have been solved all the problems and make them work.


Manger Patch ( Ahmed Mohamed CR )

Credits: Ahmed Mohamed CR,Abdo Mahmoud , ginda01, Furkan6141, 1002MB, FuNZoTiK, Lucasvillakapo, Cecs Fabregas, Arthur Torres/lohan258, Quang Tri78, Hova_Useless, eskpist, Hoppus117, spursfan18) DNB , Bydavidpenha , Jonathan Facemaker , Steet Facemaker , Hassan Fathy , Hwake , Zlac , PES Logos , Sho9_6 , shawminator , majuh , predator002 , maritimo,ïl Depo, PES World , juce , Paul81118 , Volun , kelvinchan327 , Prince Hamiz , rkh257.

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