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How to keep a custom team after updating smoke patch

In smoke patch there are two fully editable teams available to create your own team or to create a team that is not in the patch.

every update comes with its own updated edit file, so changes made will be overwritten by the update, this tutorial to explain how to keep a custom team after the release of a new update, this will restore the team without remaking it. this works with both PES 2017 and 2018, although maybe little different menu in both versions.

NOTE: different options might appear depending on the game version


Before updating, start the game and go to edit mode, go down to (Data Management) then go to (Import/Export) then click (export team) and select the team you edited then give the export file a small name.

[Image: data-management-export-team.png]
step 1


Close the game and install the update following installer.

[Image: install.png]


After the update is successful run the game and go to edit mode, go to data management again the go to import team, select the export file from the list, a detailed settings options will come, select all and press OK, select the edited team slot.

[Image: data-management-import-team.png]

That is it, the custom team made in previous version will be in the new updated edit file with all settings and changes.

Watch YouTube Tutorial:


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