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PESmakers Patch v.4.0 by Splendidis

Patch is fully compatible with online.




And so, now, in detail:
- Updated some of the forms (real Madrid, all the teams of Africa);
- Added tattoo more than 130 players;
- Updated mesh gate (now normal)
- In terms of the game players have real pictures;
- New pack of boots from WENS;
- New gloves from IDK;
- 100 goals in HD;
- Updated faces of players;
- Fully compatible with DLC 3.0;
- Full compatibility with online;
- Lawns in HD;
- Added a new trainer;
- Added teams: Lokomotiv Moscow, Krasnodar, the Urals.
- Most teams in 3-4 sets of forms.


Before installing you should see the video is under recording.

- In the patch a new TV Popas, which was created for PES 2018.
- Updated the boots for the players that was current at the end of June 2017
- Added chants some clubs. (Chants for Milan, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester city, Barcelona, real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea, and others).
- Added 2 classic teams (or rather their forms, and logos), they became Juventus 95-96 and Barcelona 10-11.
- Many clubs which presented a new form, and has added new sets of forms for the season 17/18.
- Updated the logo of Juventus.
HD lawns.
- Fixed a bug with the ball.
- Updated some faces, games and the mini-map.
- as usual, it all works online. The problems with finding an opponent you will not have.

P. S. the Game even a little was similar to PES 2018. But quite a bit.
Can support the author via the details specified in the documents for installation.

[Image: PD0DJsrJaeQ.jpg][Image: IDl4WTEbbkI.jpg][Image: thZ67gGIcBI.jpg][Image: dufcDXHxLIo.jpg][Image: OfxWV5p69A0.jpg][Image: hNqWxbitsp8.jpg][Image: DuS7WduOK5o.jpg][Image: 6bBDEkx2i3U.jpg][Image: NYZmHsAx7cU.jpg][Image: SVcy3d75nvI.jpg][Image: _gbWx4M1MEU.jpg][Image: Y4JfedvDO_k.jpg][Image: KaAHVTlH4mY.jpg]

New Kit Barcelona!

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