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Bal/Ml player editor

I use this for retired youth players on ml.

I increase their age and buy them then release them. So they are old again.

Or another way is to decrease their abilities to 40 and then buy and release them so no team is going to buy some 16 year old dumb players that have no ability from free agents.

How it works:
Install cheat engine.
Open the cheat tabel with cheat engine. (Link blow) By: Dirac
Now you see some data. Check player data to be on. (A red cross inside square)
Open PES 17 game.
Now minimize the game and open pes 17 game in the same cheat table.
So from now on, on ml/bal, whenever you see their powers on screen, you can minimize and change them with cheat engine.
That's it. Hope you enjoy your new real master leagues. Drinks

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