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Liberty Gameplay (latest release: v3.4)

Hi guys,
I have created new gameplay to address many scripted issues in PES 2021 such as
  • Control: heavy, not responsive button. KONAMI constantly injects its own control to interfere with your play
  • Cursor change: totally messed up, can't change to the player you want.
  • Through pass: too much power, and too far away from your intended recipient.
Even though the gameplay is not 100% perfect, it gives a much better experience than before, at least you have the freedom to do what you want...
Please give it a try, and let me know if you like it, ok?

Version 1: 
  • Improve the responsiveness of control
  • Optimized cursor change
  • Enhanced through pass

Version 2:
  • Control: Give even more freedom in control
  • Through pass: Further improvement on through-pass
  • Tweaks on player's movement, freekick view angle, and many more

Version 3:
  • Unlock new skill "Curved Through-pass"
  • Air-touch control
  • Much more freedom and flexibility

Version 3.1:
  • It's now easier to dribble
  • More responsiveness in control
  • Improve on passing in general

Version 3.2:
  • Merging 3.0 passing + 3.1 dribbling
  • Fix defender's movement issue from 3.1
  • Improve defend in general

Version 3.3:
  • Rebalance many aspects  for smoother gameplay while retains all existing features
  • Fix issues from previous releases
  • Adjust the calculation of rating at the end of the match so it's fairer for those players who don't play attacking role
  • Improve further first touch
  • Improve accuracy and speed of long ball
  • Watch the demo here:

Version 3.4:
  • Agile dribble, restore agility and flexibility for the player when dribbling
  • Improved shot, gives more power and accuracy
  • Fairer referee
  • Dynamic tempo, start slow and become fast depends on how you play the game
  • Allow passing/shooting at a wider angle (almost like a u-turn pass)
  • Offside will be given to both COM and player
  • And many more
  • Watch the demo here:

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