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Turkey Super League Stadiums Versión 2018 In GDB For PES 2013

Regards This time I bring you Turkey Super League Stadiums Versión 2018 in GDB for PES 2013.

Updated BY MY Versión 2018 with Turf in Full HD in the four Mods: day fine, day rain, night fine and night rain.

Adboards Updated, Preview with real image of the stadium in Gameplay Tool.

Credits for the CREATORS of Stadiums Turk Telekom Arena and Sukru Saracoglu Stadium By: Yucel 11 and Vodafone Arena By: Beatle.
Which were taken as BASE for the edition that I did.

Enjoy It.

Turk Telekom Arena - Galatasaray

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-54-02-368.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-59-23-203.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-55-58-516.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-56-09-216.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-56-24-616.jpg]

Sukru Saracoglu Stadium - Fenerbache

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-54-21-045.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-00-54-489.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-01-26-878.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-01-15-755.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-01-43-778.jpg]

Vodafone Arena - Besiktas

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-54-32-620.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-03-51-278.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-04-12-808.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-04-25-041.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-04-41-408.jpg]

Timsah Arena - Bursaspor

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-54-47-492.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-06-17-347.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-06-38-637.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-06-49-769.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-07-05-770.jpg]

BONUS Olympic Stadium Ataturk

[Image: vlc2017-06-2321-55-03-234.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-10-38-237.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-11-05-476.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-11-35-287.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-16-20-893.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-16-55-296.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-11-57-292.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-12-07-760.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-12-22-693.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-06-2322-12-54-312.jpg]

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