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Full Version: How to Relink Face Manager PES 2013
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How to Relink Face Managers in PES 2013:

1 Prepare managers face friends, change its name to unnamed_1361.bin to face and unnamed_5436.bin for hair
2 Open the tools BAL-ML 2013 Face Relink | Download BAL-ML 2013 Relink Face
3 Select the save ML friend
4 Select the tab PES 2013 Decrypter
5. Drag ML save file to Decrypt friend (who in open padlock)
6 Now copy the face manager friend who has changed his name as no.1 to dt0c.img in kitsever
7 Back to the LAB-ML 2013 Face Relink, select the Relink Face
8 Drag friend ML save file to Encrypt mode (padlock key antecedent)
9. Done

[Image: a32328357225886.jpg]

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Cara Relink Face Manager PES 2013 (indonesian language)

Cara relink face manager berbeda dengan cara relink face pemain, letak perbedaanya adalah di relink face pemain kita bebas menentukan slot face dan hairya, di relink face manager kita hanya akan menggunakan slot unnamed_1361.bin dan unnamed_5436.bin di dt0c.img. berikut langkah-langkah cara relink face manager PES 2013:

1. Siapkan face manager sahabat, ubah namanya menjadi unnamed_1361.bin untuk face dan unnamed_5436.bin untuk hair
2. Buka tools BAL-ML 2013 Face Relink | Download BAL-ML 2013 Face Relink
3. Pilih save ML sahabat
4. Pilih tab PES 2013 Decrypter
5. Drag file save ML sahabat ke Decrypt (gembok yg di buka)
6. Sekarang copykan face manager sahabat yg sudah di ubah namanya seperti no.1 ke dt0c.img di kitsever
7. Kembali ke BAL-ML 2013 Face Relink, pilih tab Relink Face
8. Drag file save ML sahabat ke mode Encrypt (gembok yg di kunci)
9. Selesai

Semoga Artikel Cara Relink Face Manager di PES 2013 ini bermanfaat bagi sahabat.
what is the Password? i really need this face..?????

thank you i realy like this post