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Full Version: Option File Newbie HELP ***Xbox 360***
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Hi Guys,

New to the community, just got myself back into the PES world and been loving it ever since. I have been playing it on the xbox console and have been meaning to update my game with a patch / option file..

Firstly, I began with updating the game and downloading Konami DLC updates and patch - making sure the game was up to date itself....

From this, I scanned around the internet, found a patch / option file that looked fundamentally great - but I am having no luck whatsoever in installing or even loading the game. I have followed numerous tutorials in English and even Portuguese!? I've used the USB method whereby I configure / customise my USB for xbox - then download my option files to my PC - unrar then used Horizon to drag and drop files onto the USB games area.

Once this was done, I inserted the USB into the xbox and copied over the files to my HD storgage. Since this, everytime I load PES - nothing has taken effect?

I then tried another route - by just downloading an option file 000001
& 000002 (something like this) then configured my USB again for xbox - inserted into the PC - then enabled hidden folders but when going into the hidden xbox folder on the USB - there are four files? They look like "0000000 0000001 00000002 00000003" - which is odd? So I continued with the original tutorial process (dynamos tutorial) and deleted 1 & 2 and then moved the two option files I downloaded into the folder.

Finally, I put the USB back into the xbox and the USB then becomes recognised as a USB rather than xbox storage device with my files on. I cannot access it, I am only allowed to configure / customise it again...

Sorry to be a pain, but if ANYONE has any information or have been struggling with the same scenario or something similliar and had any advice... It would be IMMENSELY appreciated!!!!

Am I missing something or....? Is going down the Horizon route the best way? Is it the particular option files?

From this, is there any particular option files or patches you would recommend for xbox 360 users? Any links which could point me in the right direction? What woud you say is the most up to date and has regular involvement? I understand that there may be someone who has posted a guide on the forum somewhere.. so I will also have a dig around in order to find something that may help. If anyone has any quick links.. this would be very helpful!

Anyone who has any advice or a help, I will buy you an endless amount of any chocolate bar you want!!!! Well maybe not but any help would be appreciated.....

Thank you!