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Full Version: How to add files to PES 2014 using Cri Packed File Maker by Pat [PESEDIT TEAM]
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How to add files to PES 2014 using Cri Packed File Maker


Required software:
Cri Packed File Maker:
HxD (or any other Hex Editor):

Create a folder for the files you want to add, name it 'PES2014_customcpk' for example. Copy the 'pes14_win_dat' folder from the FileLoader directory if you have already been using that, or from a file you downloaded in PESEdit Forums (like a custom facepack, new bootpack, etc.). Make sure the path is 'PES2014_customcpk/pes14_win_dat/...' for all files you are adding.

After you finished collecting the files to add in that folder, open Cri Packed File Maker.

Click the folder icon on the right top and select the folder you created in the first step. Now click the 'Build CPK file' button on the bottom right of the Cri Packed File Maker window.

Choose the correct path ('C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download\<filename>.cpk') and the settings as you can see on the screen below. Then click the 'Start to build' button.

[Image: IVQWlVr.jpg]

After the building is complete, go to 'C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download\' and open the file 'DpFileList.bin' with HxD.

It will look like this or similar:

[Image: rwOfiws.jpg]

The 'dt50_001.cpk' and 'dt500_7999999.cpk' entries are the two Data Packs released by Konami, while 'pesedit.cpk' is the base cpk for 2014 Patch. If you are using e.g. 2nd division switches, those entries can differ.

Now select the 'pesedit.cpk' byte array like shown here:

[Image: GDAii45.jpg]

Copy the part by pressing ctrl+C and paste it over the next 48 bytes so it looks like this:

[Image: VGQxcoh.jpg]

Info: If you are adding multiple cpks, the game will always load the ones later in the list with higher priority; if a file exists in 2 cpks, you will see the one from the cpk that's lower in the DpFileList.bin.

Edit the text 'pesedit.cpk' to match the name you chose for your .cpk file earlier.

[Image: wYBvszo.jpg]

Go the 4th byte and add 1 to it. The byte indicates the number of cpk files the game will read, so if it's 3 previously, change it to 4 so it also reads your added .cpk.

[Image: LDAMgfQ.jpg]

Now press ctrl+S to save the file; the red text will turn black indicating it successfully saved.

Start PES 2014 and check everything ingame.

All credit for this tutorial goes to Pat From PESEDIT TEAM.
Thank you very much for the contribution of the tutorial. DrinksDrinks