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Full Version: how to do a few simple things to edit
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I just bought this game. I have a pretty good knowlage of modding but this game is nothing like I expected, all the files are compressed dat or dll and I cant change anything. The various mods have like 5 word instructions that are clear as mudd. I am asking for a little help. I just have the base game version 1.0 I cant even find the data pack on the game menu. I did manage to install the Pes2014real names and logos11 patch, but the kits are not done right. I don't understand what im suppose to do with these zip files, create a new mod folder? I have no idea where to extract them too, so if someone could help me that would be much appreciated. I have windows 8 and my game is on C:\programfiles x86 konami pes
The only mods I want are the most recent gameplay patch, plus at least preier league real kits, and the bundesliga mod preferably with real kits for as many teams as possible, it would be nice to have an American or Mexican league patch too. I want the replay load screens to be correct league emblem and maybe a time score display emblem that goes along with the league.
if you don't want to help me over the forums we could teamviewer it or something. Contact me on steam mMtt_Cissna should be a picture of a M1A1 Abrams tank.