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Full Version: How to fix graphics card problems in PES 2014
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PES settings detect only integrated graphic card, here is the fix for it
just download nvidia driver 301.42 or latest and run settings.exe with high performance graphic card.
With the July release of the monthly Verde drivers, NVIDIA has released a new Optimus user interface which provides even more visibility into how Optimus is working and allows you even more control over how Optimus operates.
How to get nVidia Optimus working on games. Some games don't use optimus? Here's a very easy fix! If you do not know the .exe of the game: you have to firstly launch the game normally. Then minimize it, open the task manager (ctrl+alt+del or ctrl+shift+esc). Go to processes, click on 'Memory' to sort it. Your game should be using the most memory. Right click on it, open file location.
[Image: jvlm.png]