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Full Version: How to edit cpk files in PES 2014 [Tutorial]
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How to edit cpk files in PES 2014 [Tutorial] ... consider this is posted before any game file released so... it's just a tutorial. Another one will be posted when available.

1.Download UmdGen
2.Open your Iso with Umdgen and choose the file you want to edit: like ITEXT, OTEXT or Etc. then extract it where you want
3.Then Download Cri Packed File Maker Download Here
4.Create a new folder
5.Open Cri packed file maker, click the colored diamond icon, and open your file: ITEXT,OTEXT or Etc.
6.Now click the other diamond icon on your right
7. Extract the files on your new folder
8. search cmd to your start menu
9.copy it and paste it on your new folder
10. open cmd and write this: cmd /c ren *. *.bin
11. it will rename all your files in .bin, so you can open them with game graphic studio!

Source : click here.

I will have to figure out what you are saying and give this a try, because I want to edit little things like clock time speed, possibly even be nice to keep the clock running when the ball goes out of bounds, if that's even possible.
Matt, I have been searching forever for a way to change the speed of the clocks. If you have found a way please let me know as I would love to play PES true 45 minute a side matches. Been playing PES since PES 2 and was always hopeful that Konami will one day just include a 90 minute match option, but no luck