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PES 2013 Files list thanks to davidecit and friends on evo-web :


unnamed_1: Manual shot/pass icon
unnamed_2: Classic Ball
unnamed_3: Plain Ball
unnamed_4: WE-PES '00 Ball
unnamed_5: WE-PES '30 Ball
unnamed_6: WE-PES '40 Ball
unnamed_7: WE-PES '50 Ball
unnamed_8: WE-PES '60 Ball
unnamed_9: WE-PES 2002 Ball
unnamed_10: WE-PES 2003 Ball
unnamed_11: WE-PES 2007 Ball
unnamed_12: WE-PES 2008 Ball
unnamed_13: WE-PES 2009 Claw Ball
unnamed_14: WE-PES 2010 Ball
unnamed_15: WE-PES 2011 Ball
unnamed_16: WE-PES 2012 Ball
unnamed_17: WE-PES 2013 Ball
unnamed_18: Adidas Predator White Ball
unnamed_19: Adidas Predator Blue Ball
unnamed_20: Adidas Finale Powerorange Ball
unnamed_21: Adidas Finale 2012 Ball
unnamed_22: Adidas Europa League 2012 Ball
unnamed_23: Adidas UEFA Supercup 2012 Ball
unnamed_24: Adidas Ligue1 2012 Ball
unnamed_25: Nike Maxim Ball
unnamed_26: Nike Seitiro Libertadores Ball
unnamed_27: Nike Maxim Liga Ball
unnamed_28: Puma PWR-C 1 Ball
unnamed_29: Puma Evospeed 3 Ball
unnamed_30: Umbro Neo 2 Professional Ball
unnamed_31: Adidas Finale Milano 2001 Ball
unnamed_32: Adidas Finale Instanbul 2005 Ball
unnamed_33: Adidas Finale Roma 2009 Ball
unnamed_34: Adidas Finale Wembley 2011 Ball
unnamed_35: Ball Cursor
unnamed_36: Ball Preview


unnamed_6206: WE Heritage Black boots
unnamed_6207: Adidas Predator LZ White/Pink boots
unnamed_6208: Adidas Adizero Orange/Blue boots
unnamed_6209: Adidas Adizero White/Lime boots
unnamed_6210: Adidas Adipure White/Blue boots
unnamed_6211: Nike CTR 360 Clash White/Blue boots
unnamed_6212: Nike Vapor Clash White/Red boots
unnamed_6213: Nike Tiempo Clash White/Black boots
unnamed_6214: Nike T90 Laser Clash White/Green boots
unnamed_6215: Puma Power Cat 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6216: Puma King 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6217: Puma Evospeed White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6218: Umbro Speciali Black boots
unnamed_6219: Umbro GT Purple boots
unnamed_6220: Umbro Geometra White/Blue boots
unnamed_6221: Mizuno Wave Ignitus Red/Black boots
unnamed_6222: Mizuno Supersonic Wave Black/Yellow boots
unnamed_6223: Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Red boots
unnamed_6224: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6225: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6226: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6227: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6228: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6229: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6230: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6231: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6232: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6233: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6234: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6235: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6236: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6256: WE Heritage Black boots
unnamed_6257: Adidas Predator LZ White/Pink boots
unnamed_6258: Adidas Adizero Orange/Blue boots
unnamed_6259: Adidas Adizero White/Lime boots
unnamed_6260: Adidas Adipure White/Blue boots
unnamed_6261: Nike CTR 360 Clash White/Blue boots
unnamed_6262: Nike Vapor Clash White/Red boots
unnamed_6263: Nike Tiempo Clash White/Black boots
unnamed_6264: Nike T90 Laser Clash White/Green boots
unnamed_6265: Puma Power Cat 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6266: Puma King 1.12 White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6267: Puma Evospeed White/Red/Blue boots
unnamed_6268: Umbro Speciali Black boots
unnamed_6269: Umbro GT Purple boots
unnamed_6270: Umbro Geometra White/Blue boots
unnamed_6271: Mizuno Wave Ignitus Red/Black boots
unnamed_6272: Mizuno Supersonic Wave Black/Yellow boots
unnamed_6273: Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Red boots
unnamed_6274: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6275: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6276: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6277: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6278: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6279: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6280: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6281: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6282: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6283: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6284: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6285: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6286: We/Pes boots
unnamed_6306: WE Heritage Black Brand
unnamed_6307: Adidas Predator LZ White/Pink Brand
unnamed_6308: Adidas Adizero Orange/Blue Brand
unnamed_6309: Adidas Adizero White/Lime Brand
unnamed_6310: Adidas Adipure White/Blue Brand
unnamed_6311: Nike CTR 360 Clash White/Blue Brand
unnamed_6312: Nike Vapor Clash White/Red Brand
unnamed_6313: Nike Tiempo Clash White/Black Brand
unnamed_6314: Nike T90 Laser Clash White/Green Brand
unnamed_6315: Puma Power Cat 1.12 White/Red/Blue Brand
unnamed_6316: Puma King 1.12 White/Red/Blue Brand
unnamed_6317: Puma Evospeed White/Red/Blue Brand
unnamed_6318: Umbro Speciali Black Brand
unnamed_6319: Umbro GT Purple Brand
unnamed_6320: Umbro Geometra White/Blue Brand
unnamed_6321: Mizuno Wave Ignitus Red/Black Brand
unnamed_6322: Mizuno Supersonic Wave Black/Yellow Brand
unnamed_6323: Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/Red Brand
unnamed_6324: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6325: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6326: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6327: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6333: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6329: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6330: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6331: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6332: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6333: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6334: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6335: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6336: We/Pes Brand
unnamed_6356: boots preview
unnamed_6360: Czech Republic GK kits
unnamed_6361: Czech Republic Home and Away kits
unnamed_6362: England GK kits
unnamed_6363: England Home and Away kits
unnamed_6364: France GK kits
unnamed_6365: France Home and Away kits
unnamed_6366: Italy GK kits
unnamed_6367: Italy Home and Away kits
unnamed_6368: Pescara GK kits
unnamed_6369: Pescara Home and Away kits
unnamed_6370: Portugal GK kits
unnamed_6371: Portugal Home and Away kits
unnamed_6372: Spain GK kits
unnamed_6373: Spain Home and Away kits
unnamed_6374: Sweden GK kits
unnamed_6375: Sweden Home and Away kits
unnamed_6376: Atalanta GK kits
unnamed_6377: Atalanta Home and Away kits
unnamed_6378: Siena GK kits
unnamed_6379: Siena Home and Away kits
unnamed_6380: Japan GK kits
unnamed_6381: Japan Home and Away kits
unnamed_6382: Nautico GK kits
unnamed_6383: Nautico Home and Away kits
unnamed_6384: Australia GK kits
unnamed_6385: Australia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6386: Ireland GK kits
unnamed_6387: Ireland Home and Away kits
unnamed_6390: RKC Waalwijk GK kits
unnamed_6391: RKC Waalwijk Home and Away kits
unnamed_6392: Barcelona GK kits
unnamed_6393: Barcelona Home and Away kits
unnamed_6394: Olympique Lyonnais GK kits
unnamed_6395: Olympique Lyonnais Home and Away kits
unnamed_6396: Stade Rennais GK kits
unnamed_6397: Stade Rennais Home and Away kits
unnamed_6398: Levante GK kits
unnamed_6399: Levante Home and Away kits
unnamed_6400: Sochaux GK kits
unnamed_6401: Sochaux Home and Away kits
unnamed_6402: Troyes GK kits
unnamed_6403: Troyes Home and Away kits
unnamed_6404: Girondins de Bordeaux GK kits
unnamed_6405: Girondins de Bordeaux Home and Away kits
unnamed_6406: Willem II GK kits
unnamed_6407: Willem II Home and Away kits
unnamed_6408: Porto GK kits
unnamed_6409: Porto Home and Away kits
unnamed_6410: Bahia GK kits
unnamed_6411: Bahia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6412: FC Inter GK kits
unnamed_6413: FC Inter Home and Away kits
unnamed_6414: AS Nancy GK kits
unnamed_6415: AS Nancy Home and Away kits
unnamed_6416: Sao Paulo GK kits
unnamed_6417: Sao Paulo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6418: FC Lorient GK kits
unnamed_6419: FC Lorient Home and Away kits
unnamed_6420: Botafogo GK kits
unnamed_6421: Botafogo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6422: Olympique Marseille GK kits
unnamed_6423: Olympique Marseille Home and Away kits
unnamed_6424: Montpellier GK kits
unnamed_6425: Montpellier Home and Away kits
unnamed_6426: Coritiba GK kits
unnamed_6427: Coritiba Home and Away kits
unnamed_6428: Figueirense GK kits
unnamed_6429: Figueirense Home and Away kits
unnamed_6430: Sampdoria GK kits
unnamed_6431: Sampdoria Home and Away kits
unnamed_6432: Cagliari GK kits
unnamed_6433: Cagliari Home and Away kits
unnamed_6434: Catania GK kits
unnamed_6435: Catania Home and Away kits
unnamed_6436: Flamengo GK kits
unnamed_6437: Flamengo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6438: Chievo Verona GK kits
unnamed_6439: Chievo Verona Home and Away kits
unnamed_6440: Fiorentina GK kits
unnamed_6441: Fiorentina Home and Away kits
unnamed_6442: SL Benfica GK kits
unnamed_6443: SL Benfica Home and Away kits
unnamed_6444: Juventus GK kits
unnamed_6445: Juventus Home and Away kits
unnamed_6446: Nice GK kits
unnamed_6447: Nice Home and Away kits
unnamed_6448: Napoli GK kits
unnamed_6449: Napoli Home and Away kits
unnamed_6450: Vasco Da Gama GK kits
unnamed_6451: Vasco Da Gama Home and Away kits
unnamed_6452: PSG Paris Saint Germain GK kits
unnamed_6453: PSG Paris Saint Germain Home and Away kits
unnamed_6454: Parma GK kits
unnamed_6455: Parma Home and Away kits
unnamed_6456: Stade Brestois 29 GK kits
unnamed_6457: Stade Brestois 29 Home and Away kits
unnamed_6458: AS Roma GK kits
unnamed_6459: AS Roma Home and Away kits
unnamed_6460: FC Twente GK kits
unnamed_6461: FC Twente Home and Away kits
unnamed_6462: Udinese GK kits
unnamed_6463: Udinese Home and Away kits
unnamed_6464: Saint Etienne GK kits
unnamed_6465: Saint Etienne Home and Away kits
unnamed_6466: Ajax GK kits
unnamed_6467: Ajax Home and Away kits
unnamed_6468: Real Madrid GK kits
unnamed_6469: Real Madrid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6470: Ado Den Haag GK kits
unnamed_6471: Ado Den Haag Home and Away kits
unnamed_6472: Valencia GK kits
unnamed_6473: Valencia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6474: AZ Alkmaar GK kits
unnamed_6475: AZ Alkmaar Home and Away kits
unnamed_6476: Club Brugge GK kits
unnamed_6477: Club Brugge Home and Away kits
unnamed_6478: Feyenoord GK kits
unnamed_6479: Feyenoord Home and Away kits
unnamed_6480: Cluj GK kits
unnamed_6481: Cluj Home and Away kits
unnamed_6482: SC Heerenveen GK kits
unnamed_6483: SC Heerenveen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6484: Heracles GK kits
unnamed_6485: Heracles Home and Away kits
unnamed_6486: NAC Breda GK kits
unnamed_6487: NAC Breda Home and Away kits
unnamed_6488: FC Groningen GK kits
unnamed_6489: FC Groningen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6490: NEC Nijmegen GK kits
unnamed_6491: NEC Nijmegen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6492: PSV Eindhoven GK kits
unnamed_6493: PSV Eindhoven Home and Away kits
unnamed_6494: Roda JC GK kits
unnamed_6495: Roda JC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6496: Torino FC GK kits
unnamed_6497: Torino FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6498: Palmeiras GK kits
unnamed_6499: Palmeiras Home and Away kits
unnamed_6500: Utrecht FC GK kits
unnamed_6501: Utrecht FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6502: Toulouse FC GK kits
unnamed_6503: Toulouse FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6504: VVV Venlo GK kits
unnamed_6505: VVV Venlo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6506: Spartak Moscow GK kits
unnamed_6507: Spartak Moscow Home and Away kits
unnamed_6508: Wisla Krakow GK kits
unnamed_6509: Wisla Krakow Home and Away kits
unnamed_6510: Lille Metropole GK kits
unnamed_6511: Lille Metropole Home and Away kits
unnamed_6512: Malaga GK kits
unnamed_6513: Malaga Home and Away kits
unnamed_6514: Manchester United GK kits
unnamed_6515: Manchester United Home and Away kits
unnamed_6516: Espanyol GK kits
unnamed_6517: Espanyol Home and Away kits
unnamed_6518: Mallorca GK kits
unnamed_6519: Mallorca Home and Away kits
unnamed_6520: Celta Vigo GK kits
unnamed_6521: Celta Vigo Home and Away kits
unnamed_6522: Getafe GK kits
unnamed_6523: Getafe Home and Away kits
unnamed_6524: Deportivo la Coruna GK kits
unnamed_6525: Deportivo la Coruna Home and Away kits
unnamed_6526: Valladolid GK kits
unnamed_6527: Valladolid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6528: AC Milan GK kits
unnamed_6529: AC Milan Home and Away kits
unnamed_6530: Real Zaragoza GK kits
unnamed_6531: Real Zaragoza Home and Away kits
unnamed_6532: Olympiakos GK kits
unnamed_6533: Olympiakos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6534: Fluminense GK kits
unnamed_6535: Fluminense Home and Away kits
unnamed_6536: Panathinaikos GK kits
unnamed_6537: Panathinaikos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6538: Corinthians GK kits
unnamed_6539: Corinthians Home and Away kits
unnamed_6540: Atletico Madrid GK kits
unnamed_6541: Atletico Madrid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6542: Schalke 04 GK kits
unnamed_6543: Schalke 04 Home and Away kits
unnamed_6544: Rayo Vallecano de Madrid GK kits
unnamed_6545: Rayo Vallecano de Madrid Home and Away kits
unnamed_6546: Anderlecht GK kits
unnamed_6547: Anderlecht Home and Away kits
unnamed_6548: Gremio GK kits
unnamed_6549: Gremio Home and Away kits
unnamed_6550: AEK Athens GK kits
unnamed_6551: AEK Athens Home and Away kits
unnamed_6552: Lazio GK kits
unnamed_6553: Lazio Home and Away kits
unnamed_6554: SC Bastia GK kits
unnamed_6555: SC Bastia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6556: Cruzeiro GK kits
unnamed_6557: Cruzeiro Home and Away kits
unnamed_6558: Dinamo Zagreb GK kits
unnamed_6559: Dinamo Zagreb Home and Away kits
unnamed_6560: Sporting Club Lisbona GK kits
unnamed_6561: Sporting Club Lisbona Home and Away kits
unnamed_6562: Sparta Praha GK kits
unnamed_6563: Sparta Praha Home and Away kits
unnamed_6564: Copenaghen FC GK kits
unnamed_6565: Copenaghen FC Home and Away kits
unnamed_6566: Santos GK kits
unnamed_6567: Santos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6568: Galatasaray GK kits
unnamed_6569: Galatasaray Home and Away kits
unnamed_6570: Stade de Reims GK kits
unnamed_6571: Stade de Reims Home and Away kits
unnamed_6572: Croatia GK kits
unnamed_6573: Croatia Home and Away kits
unnamed_6574: Greece GK kits
unnamed_6575: Greece Home and Away kits
unnamed_6576: Associação Atlética Ponte Preta GK kits
unnamed_6577: Associação Atlética Ponte Preta Home and Away kits
unnamed_6578: Associação Portuguesa de Desportos GK kits
unnamed_6579: Associação Portuguesa de Desportos Home and Away kits
unnamed_6580: Valenciennes GK kits
unnamed_6581: Valenciennes Home and Away kits
unnamed_6582: Sport Club do Recife GK kits
unnamed_6583: Sport Club do Recife Home and Away kits
unnamed_6584: Atletico Goianiense GK kits
unnamed_6585: Atletico Goianiense Home and Away kits
unnamed_6586: PEC Zwolle GK kits
unnamed_6587: PEC Zwolle Home and Away kits
unnamed_6588: Internacional GK kits
unnamed_6589: Internacional Home and Away kits
unnamed_6590: Bayern Munchen GK kits
unnamed_6591: Bayern Munchen Home and Away kits
unnamed_6592: Scotland GK kits
unnamed_6593: Scotland Home and Away kits
unnamed_6594: Turkey GK kits
unnamed_6595: Turkey Home and Away kits
unnamed_6596: Real Betis GK kits
unnamed_6597: Real Betis Home and Away kits
unnamed_6598: Ghana GK kits
unnamed_6599: Ghana Home and Away kits
unnamed_6600: Atletic Bilbao GK kits
unnamed_6601: Atletic Bilbao Home and Away kits
unnamed_6604: Celtic GK kits
unnamed_6605: Celtic Home and Away kits
unnamed_6606: Genoa GK kits
unnamed_6607: Genoa Home and Away kits
unnamed_6748: Germany GK kits
unnamed_6749: Germany Home and Away kits
unnamed_6812: Flamengo LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6813: Flamengo LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6814: Fluminense LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6815: Fluminense LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6816: Fluminense LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6817: Fluminense LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6816: Internacional LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6817: Internacional LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6818: Santos LIBERTADORES GK kits
unnamed_6819: Santos LIBERTADORES Home and Away kits
unnamed_6872: UEFA patches and Armbands


unnamed_590: Keeper gloves
unnamed_2645/2845 coach japan
unnamed_2646/2846 coach Korea DPR
unnamed_2649/2849 coach Korea Republic
unnamed_2657/2857 coach egypt
unnamed_2661/2861 coach real madrid,germany,portugal
unnamed_2662/2862 coach liverpool
unnamed_2663/2863 coach barcelona,ac milan
unnamed_2664/2864 coach juventus,france
unnamed_2665/2865 coach brazil,benfica,tottenham
unnamed_2671/2871 coach manchester united,england,bayern munich,inter milan
unnamed_2672/2872 coach arsenal
unnamed_2674/2874 coach chelsea,PSG,wigan
unnamed_2677/2877 coach newcastle united
unnamed_2678/2878 coach manchester city

dt0f: [After DLC 1.0]

unnamed_351: coach suit (summer)
unnamed_352: coach suit (winter)
unnamed_354: assistent suit
unnamed_356: assistent suit
unnamed_359: assistent suit
unnamed_360: assistent suit
unnamed_363: assistent suit
unnamed_364: assistent suit
unnamed_1708: Replay Logo Super Cup HD
unnamed_1709: Replay Logo Super Cup SD
unnamed_1967: stadium preview
unnamed_1968: Stadium preview
unnamed_1969: Stadium preview
unnamed_1973: Ball names
unnamed_1975: Players stats
unnamed_1979: Team names
unnamed_1982: League structure
unnamed_1983: Kits relink and Config
unnamed_2719: Adboards
unnamed_2731: Security & Press men
unnamed_2734: Security & Press men
unnamed_2737: Security & Press men
unnamed_2738: Nationalities flags
unnamed_2739: Teams emblems and logos
unnamed_2819: corinthians gk kits
unnamed_2820: corinthians player kits
unnamed_2821: flamengo gk kits
unnamed_2822: flamengo player kits
unnamed_3056: Europa League Font

#National Anthems
unnamed_2: IRELAND Anthem
unnamed_3: ENGLAND Anthem
unnamed_4: PORTuGAL Anthem
unnamed_5: SPAIN Anthem
unnamed_6: FRANCE Anthem
unnamed_7: NETHERLANDS Anthem
unnamed_8: SWITZERLAND Anthem
unnamed_9: ITALY Anthem
unnamed_10: CZECH REPuBLIC Anthem
unnamed_11: GERMANY Anthem
unnamed_12: DENMARK Anthem
unnamed_13: NORWAY Anthem
unnamed_14: SWEDEN Anthem
unnamed_15: POLAND Anthem
unnamed_16: SLOVAKIA Anthem
unnamed_17: AuSTRIA Anthem
unnamed_18: SLOVENIA Anthem
unnamed_19: CROATIA Anthem
unnamed_20: BuLGARIA Anthem
unnamed_21: GREECE Anthem
unnamed_22: TuRKEY Anthem
unnamed_23: uKRAINE Anthem
unnamed_24: RuSSIA Anthem
unnamed_25: SOuTH AFRICA Anthem
unnamed_26: uNITED STATES Anthem
unnamed_27: MEXICO Anthem
unnamed_28: HONDuRAS Anthem
unnamed_29: BRAZIL Anthem
unnamed_30: CHILE Anthem
unnamed_31: PARAGuAY Anthem
unnamed_32: uRuGuAY Anthem
unnamed_33: ARGENTINA Anthem
unnamed_34: ECuADOR Anthem
unnamed_35: JAPAN Anthem
unnamed_36: SOuTH KOREA Anthem
unnamed_37: SAuDI ARABIA Anthem
unnamed_38: AuSTRALIA Anthem
unnamed_39: uAE Anthem
unnamed_40: ALGERIA Anthem
unnamed_41: CANADA Anthem
unnamed_42: VENEZuELA Anthem
unnamed_43: NEW ZEALAND Anthem
unnamed_44: ISRAEL Anthem
unnamed_46: SERBIA Anthem
#Club Anthems 1
unnamed_99: FC BARCELONA Anthem
unnamed_100: REAL MADRID Anthem
unnamed_101: VALENCIA CF Anthem
unnamed_102: RC DEPORTIVO Anthem
unnamed_103: AT. MADRID Anthem
unnamed_104: REAL BETIS Anthem
unnamed_105: CELTA DE VIGO Anthem
unnamed_106: REAL SOCIEDAD Anthem
unnamed_107: ATHLETIC CLuB Anthem
unnamed_108: RCD ESPANYOL Anthem
unnamed_109: MÁLAGA CF Anthem
unnamed_110: RCD MALLORCA Anthem
unnamed_111: CA OSASuNA Anthem
unnamed_112: SEVILLA FC Anthem
unnamed_113: REAL VALLADOLID Anthem
unnamed_114: REAL ZARAGOZA Anthem
unnamed_115: GETAFE CF Anthem
unnamed_116: LEVANTE uD Anthem
unnamed_117: RAYO VALLECANO Anthem
unnamed_118: GRANADA CF Anthem

#Club Anthems 2
unnamed_119: FC BARCELONA Anthem
unnamed_120: REAL MADRID Anthem
unnamed_121: VALENCIA CF Anthem
unnamed_122: RC DEPORTIVO Anthem
unnamed_123: AT. MADRID Anthem
unnamed_124: REAL BETIS Anthem
unnamed_125: CELTA DE VIGO Anthem
unnamed_126: REAL SOCIEDAD Anthem
unnamed_127: ATHLETIC CLuB Anthem
unnamed_128: RCD ESPANYOL Anthem
unnamed_129: MÁLAGA CF Anthem
unnamed_130: RCD MALLORCA Anthem
unnamed_131: CA OSASuNA Anthem
unnamed_132: SEVILLA FC Anthem
unnamed_133: REAL VALLADOLID Anthem
unnamed_134: REAL ZARAGOZA Anthem
unnamed_135: GETAFE CF Anthem
unnamed_136: LEVANTE uD Anthem
unnamed_137: RAYO VALLECANO Anthem
unnamed_138: GRANADA CF Anthem

unnamed_448: IRELAND Chants
unnamed_449: SCOTLAND Chants
unnamed_450: SCOTLAND Chants
unnamed_451: WALES Chants
unnamed_452: WALES Chants
unnamed_453: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_454: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_455: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_456: ENGLAND Chants
unnamed_457: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_458: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_459: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_460: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_461: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_462: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_463: SPAIN Chants
unnamed_464: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_465: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_466: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_467: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_468: FRANCE Chants
unnamed_469: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_470: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_471: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_472: NETHERLANDS Chants
unnamed_473: ITALY Chants
unnamed_474: CZECH REPuBLIC Chants
unnamed_475: CZECH REPuBLIC Chants
unnamed_476: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_477: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_478: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_479: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_480: GERMANY Chants
unnamed_481: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_482: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_483: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_484: DENMARK Chants
unnamed_485: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_486: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_487: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_488: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_489: CROATIA Chants
unnamed_490: BuLGARIA Chants
unnamed_491: BuLGARIA Chants
unnamed_492: RuSSIA Chants
unnamed_493: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_494: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_495: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_496: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_497: UNITED STATES Chants
unnamed_498: MEXICO Chants
unnamed_499: MEXICO Chants
unnamed_500: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_501: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_502: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_503: BRAZIL Chants
unnamed_504: uRuGuAY Chants
unnamed_505: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_506: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_507: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_508: ARGENTINA Chants
unnamed_509: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_510: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_511: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_512: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_513: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_514: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_515: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_516: JAPAN Chants
unnamed_517: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_518: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_519: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_520: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_521: SOuTH KOREA Chants
unnamed_522: CHINA Chants
unnamed_523: CHINA Chants
unnamed_524: CHINA Chants
unnamed_525: IRAN Chants
unnamed_526: IRAN Chants
unnamed_527: IRAN Chants
unnamed_528: IRAN Chants
unnamed_529: IRAN Chants
unnamed_530: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_531: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_532: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_533: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_534: SAuDI ARABIA Chants
unnamed_535: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_536: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_537: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_538: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_539: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_540: MANCHESTER uNITED Chants
unnamed_541: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_542: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_543: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_544: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_545: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_546: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_547: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_548: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_549: FC BARCELONA Chants
unnamed_550: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_551: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_552: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_553: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_554: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_555: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_556: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_557: REAL MADRID Chants
unnamed_558: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_559: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_560: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_561: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_562: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_563: VALENCIA CF Chants
unnamed_564: RC DEPORTIVO Chants
unnamed_565: RC DEPORTIVO Chants
unnamed_566: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_567: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_568: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_569: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_570: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_571: OLYMPIQuE DE MARSEILLE Chants
unnamed_572: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_573: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_574: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_575: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Chants
unnamed_576: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_577: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_578: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_579: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_580: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_581: GIRONDINS DE BORDEAuX Chants
unnamed_582: AJAX Chants
unnamed_583: AJAX Chants
unnamed_584: AJAX Chants
unnamed_585: AJAX Chants
unnamed_586: AJAX Chants
unnamed_587: AJAX Chants
unnamed_588: PSV Chants
unnamed_589: PSV Chants
unnamed_590: PSV Chants
unnamed_591: PSV Chants
unnamed_592: INTER Chants
unnamed_593: INTER Chants
unnamed_594: INTER Chants
unnamed_595: INTER Chants
unnamed_596: INTER Chants
unnamed_597: INTER Chants
unnamed_598: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_599: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_600: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_601: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_602: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_603: JuVENTuS F.C. Chants
unnamed_604: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_605: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_606: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_607: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_608: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_609: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_610: A.C. MILAN Chants
unnamed_611: S.S. LAZIO Chants
unnamed_612: S.S. LAZIO Chants
unnamed_613: PARMA F.C. Chants
unnamed_614: PARMA F.C. Chants
unnamed_615: ACF FIORENTINA Chants
unnamed_616: ACF FIORENTINA Chants
unnamed_617: ACF FIORENTINA Chants
unnamed_618: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_619: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_620: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_621: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_622: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_623: A.S. ROMA Chants
unnamed_624: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN Chants
unnamed_625: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN Chants
unnamed_626: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN Chants
unnamed_627: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_628: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_629: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_630: CELTIC FC Chants
unnamed_631: FC DYNAMO KYIV Chants
unnamed_632: FC DYNAMO KYIV Chants
unnamed_633: FC DYNAMO KYIV Chants
unnamed_634: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_635: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_636: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_637: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_638: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_639: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_640: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_641: VASCO DA GAMA Chants
unnamed_642: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_643: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_644: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_645: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_646: AT. MADRID Chants
unnamed_647: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_648: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_649: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_650: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_651: OLYMPIQuE LYONNAIS Chants
unnamed_652: BOLOGNA FC Chants
unnamed_653: BOLOGNA FC Chants
unnamed_654: BOLOGNA FC Chants
unnamed_655: A.C. CHIEVO VERONA Chants
unnamed_656: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_657: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_658: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_659: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_660: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_661: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_662: uDINESE CALCIO Chants
unnamed_663: FC PORTO Chants
unnamed_664: SPORTING Chants
unnamed_665: REAL BETIS Chants
unnamed_666: REAL BETIS Chants
unnamed_667: CELTA DE VIGO Chants
unnamed_668: CELTA DE VIGO Chants
unnamed_669: CELTA DE VIGO Chants
unnamed_670: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_671: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_672: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_673: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_674: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_675: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_676: REAL SOCIEDAD Chants
unnamed_677: FENERBAHÇE SK Chants
unnamed_678: FENERBAHÇE SK Chants
unnamed_679: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_680: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_681: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_682: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_683: LOSC LILLE Chants
unnamed_684: MONTPELLIER HÉRAuLT SC Chants
unnamed_685: MONTPELLIER HÉRAuLT SC Chants
unnamed_686: OGC NICE Chants
unnamed_687: OGC NICE Chants
unnamed_688: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_689: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_690: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_691: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_692: STADE RENNAIS FC Chants
unnamed_693: FC SOCHAuX-MONTBÉLIARD Chants
unnamed_694: FC SOCHAuX-MONTBÉLIARD Chants
unnamed_695: FC SOCHAuX-MONTBÉLIARD Chants
unnamed_696: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_697: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_698: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_699: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_700: TOuLOuSE FC Chants
unnamed_701: U.S.C. PALERMO Chants
unnamed_702: AZ Chants
unnamed_703: AZ Chants
unnamed_704: AZ Chants
unnamed_705: AZ Chants
unnamed_706: FC GRONINGEN Chants
unnamed_707: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_708: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_709: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_710: SC HEERENVEEN Chants
unnamed_711: NAC BREDA Chants
unnamed_712: FC TWENTE Chants
unnamed_713: VITESSE Chants
unnamed_714: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_715: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_716: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_717: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_718: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_719: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_720: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_721: ATHLETIC CLuB Chants
unnamed_722: RCD ESPANYOL Chants
unnamed_723: RCD ESPANYOL Chants
unnamed_724: MÁLAGA CF Chants
unnamed_725: MÁLAGA CF Chants
unnamed_726: MÁLAGA CF Chants
unnamed_727: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_728: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_729: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_730: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_731: RCD MALLORCA Chants
unnamed_732: CA OSASuNA Chants
unnamed_733: CA OSASuNA Chants
unnamed_734: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_735: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_736: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_737: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_738: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_739: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_740: SEVILLA FC Chants
unnamed_741: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_742: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_743: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_744: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_745: REAL VALLADOLID Chants
unnamed_746: REAL ZARAGOZA Chants
unnamed_747: REAL ZARAGOZA Chants
unnamed_748: REAL ZARAGOZA Chants
unnamed_749: CLuB BRuGGE KV Chants
unnamed_750: AEK ATHENS FC Chants
unnamed_751: AEK ATHENS FC Chants
unnamed_752: CRuZEIRO Chants
unnamed_753: CALCIO CATANIA Chants
unnamed_754: CALCIO CATANIA Chants
unnamed_755: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_756: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_757: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_758: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_759: GENOA CFC Chants
unnamed_760: S.S.C. NAPOLI Chants
unnamed_761: S.S.C. NAPOLI Chants
unnamed_762: S.S.C. NAPOLI Chants
unnamed_763: GETAFE CF Chants
unnamed_764: GETAFE CF Chants
unnamed_765: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_766: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_767: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_768: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_769: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_770: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_771: LEVANTE uD Chants
unnamed_772: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_773: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_774: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_775: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_776: RAYO VALLECANO Chants
unnamed_777: FC LORIENT Chants
unnamed_778: FC LORIENT Chants
unnamed_779: FC LORIENT Chants
unnamed_780: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_781: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_782: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_783: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_784: AS NANCY LORRAINE Chants
unnamed_785: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_786: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_787: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_788: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_789: AS SAINT-ETIENNE Chants
unnamed_790: FC ZENIT ST. PETERSBuRG Chants
unnamed_791: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_792: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_793: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_794: SC CORINTHIANS Chants
unnamed_795: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_796: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_797: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_798: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_799: CR FLAMENGO Chants
unnamed_800: FLuMINENSE FC Chants
unnamed_801: GRÊMIO Chants
unnamed_802: GRÊMIO Chants
unnamed_803: GRÊMIO Chants
unnamed_804: SANTOS FC Chants
unnamed_805: SANTOS FC Chants
unnamed_806: SÃO PAuLO Chants
unnamed_807: SÃO PAuLO Chants
unnamed_808: STADE BRESTOIS 29 Chants
unnamed_809: VALENCIENNES FC Chants
unnamed_810: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_811: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_812: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_813: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_814: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_815: GRANADA CF Chants
unnamed_816: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_817: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_818: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_819: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants
unnamed_820: EVIAN THONON GAILLARD Chants

unnamed_1: sleeve patch LIBERTADORES "Invisible"
unnamed_2: sleeve patch UEFA CL
unnamed_3: sleeve patch UEFA CL FINALE
unnamed_4: sleeve patch UEFA EL
unnamed_5: sleeve patch UEFA EL FINALE
unnamed_6: sleeve patch UEFA SUPER CUP
unnamed_7: sleeve patch PL "Invisible"
unnamed_8: sleeve patch EREDIVISIE
unnamed_9: sleeve patch NETHERLANDS CUP
unnamed_10: sleeve patch LIGUE 1
unnamed_11: sleeve patch COUPE DE FRANCE
unnamed_12: sleeve patch SERIA A "Invisible"
unnamed_13: sleeve patch LIGA BBVA
unnamed_14: sleeve patch PES LEAGUE "Invisible"
unnamed_15: sleeve patch PES CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_16: sleeve patch WE LEAGUE "Invisible"
unnamed_17: sleeve patch WE CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_18: sleeve patch MONTPELLIER CHAMPIONS LIGUE 1
unnamed_19: sleeve patch INTERNATIONAL CUP "Invisible"
unnamed_20: sleeve patch SOUTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP"Invisible"
unnamed_22: Ball names (unnamed_1973 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_23: City names for Football Life
unnamed_24: Nations Names for Football Life
unnamed_26: Players stats list (unnamed_1975 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_28: Team relink Home stadium
unnamed_29: Boots stats list
unnamed_31: Team Names (dt04) = (unnamed_1979 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_34: League Structure = (unnamed_1982 dt0f after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_35: Kits relink and Config = (unnamed_1983 dt0f after DLC 1.0
unnamed_39: Libertadores team names
unnamed_45: England league logo
unnamed_46: Ieague 1 logo
unnamed_47: Italian league logo
unnamed_48: Eeredivisie logo
unnamed_49: Liga BBVA logo
unnamed_50: Pes league logo
unnamed_51: Portuguese league logo
unnamed_52: Brasilian league logo
unnamed_53: Uefa champions league logo
unnamed_54: Libertadores logo
unnamed_55: England cup logo
unnamed_56: France cup logo
unnamed_57: Italian cup logo
unnamed_58: Nederlands cup logo
unnamed_59: Spain cup logo
unnamed_60: Pes cup logo
unnamed_61: Portuguese cup logo
unnamed_62: Brasilian cup logo
unnamed_63: European cup logo
unnamed_64: African cup logo
unnamed_65: American cup logo
unnamed_66: Asian cup logo
unnamed_67: International cup logo
unnamed_68: Europa league logo
unnamed_69: Super cup logo
unnamed_70: Konami cup logo
unnamed_71: WE league logo
unnamed_72: WE cup logo
unnamed_73: South american championship logo
unnamed_75: blur during gameplay
unnamed_76: nationalites emblems (not used after DLC 1.00)
unnamed_77: Teams emblems and logos (not used after DLC 1.00)


unnamed_1.bin: licensed leagues names
unnamed_6.bin: master league sponsors
unnamed_38: Exbition Menu font
unnamed_39: Champions League Menu Font
unnamed_40: Europa League Menu Font


unnamed_2 to unnamed_36: Unlicensed Leagues and Cups
unnamed_37: Pes 2012 start screen
unnamed_38: Xbox 360 Pad
unnamed_39: Xbox 360 Pad buttons
unnamed_40: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, power bar
unnamed_41: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_42: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, scoreboard textures
unnamed_43: Xbox 360 Pad buttons during replay, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_44: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_45: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_46: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_47: Xbox 360 Pad during loading screens
unnamed_48: Loading Background, icons
unnamed_49: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_50: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_51: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_52: Xbox 360 Pad buttons gameplan, gameplan textures
unnamed_53: Xbox 360 Pad settings
unnamed_54: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers
unnamed_55: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, scoreboard textures
unnamed_56: Xbox 360 Pad buttons, scoreboard numbers, Libertadores scoreboard textures
unnamed_57: Background
unnamed_58: Background
unnamed_59: Background
unnamed_66: Champions League Background
unnamed_71: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_72: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_73: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_74: Pes 2011 Messi Background
unnamed_77: Pes 2013 Start screen
unnamed_78: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_79: Winning Eleven 2013 Start screen
unnamed_83: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_84: Pes 2012 ads during online matches
unnamed_85: Skills Cards
unnamed_86: Icons
unnamed_87: No data Icon
unnamed_94: Balls selection background
unnamed_95: Balls selection background
unnamed_103: Save Icon
unnamed_107: Credit Logos
unnamed_337: Gameplan
unnamed_775: Konami intro screen
unnamed_1154.bin to unnamed_1214.bin: sponsors logos
unnamed_1262 till unnamed_1308: stadium preview
unnamed_1427: Replay Logo Champions League HD
unnamed_1428: Replay Logo Champions League SD
unnamed_1431: Replay Logo Europa League HD
unnamed_1432: Replay Logo Europa League SD
unnamed_1433: Replay Logo Unknow HD
unnamed_1434: Replay Logo Unknow SD
unnamed_1435: Replay Logo Copa Lebirtadors HD
unnamed_1436: Replay Logo Copa Lebirtadors SD
unnamed_1437: Replay Logo Exbition HD
unnamed_1438: Replay Logo Exbition SD


[Image: pes2013stadiummap.png]


unnamed_368: Referee Yellow suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_369: Referee Red suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_370: Referee Black suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_371: Referee Blue suit Pes friendly match
unnamed_372: Referee Adidas UEFA Green suit
unnamed_373: Referee Adidas UEFA Purple suit
unnamed_374: Referee Adidas UEFA Black suit
unnamed_375: Referee Penality Libertadores Yellow suit
unnamed_376: Referee Penality Libertadores Red suit
unnamed_377: Referee Penality Libertadores Black suit
map video:
pes12ci.sfd: pes writing that appears at the beginning of the game
pes13cl_a.sfd: champions league video
pes13cl_b.sfd: video champions league when you enter the second phase
pes13cl_c.sfd: champions league final video
pes13el_a.sfd: video europa league
pes13el_b.sfd: video europa league when you enter the second phase
pes13el_c.sfd: video europa league when accessing the final
pes13lb_a.sfd: video copa libertadores
pes13pv.sfd: video c. ronaldo when the game is paused
pes13sc_a.sfd: video uefa super cup
I've found out [email protected]_1974 is for players in use's ID. I'm looking for something like unn_1974/unn_1975 for teams instead of players.