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Full Version: Memories patch!
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[Image: 16qgxk.jpg]
"Where history repeats itself..."


300 Classic Teams. (Clubs and Nations)
Correct kits for all.
Correct rosters and statistics for all.
Correct emblems and logos for all.
More than 200 faces. (It was hard for us to find and make faces so more faces and dummy faces fixes will be available soon in the updates)
2 All Stars teams.
EURO 2000 Mode.
Champions League 2006.
UEFA Cup 2006.
FIFA World Cup 2002.
More than 200 Chants.
New soundtracks.
New graphics and videos.
New stadiums.
New gameplay mode.
Other things to discover. (Such as turfs, corner flags, nets, balls, boots etc.)
Seperated .exe and installer to install it fast and easy.


[Image: kcjces.png] [Image: 15f2gcj.png] [Image: 10h66ie.png] [Image: oqkfwm.png] [Image: mn25x0.png] [Image: 1zmh743.png] [Image: 2q8ys7d.png] [Image: otzyvl.png]


[Image: 4kbojp.png]

Most possible release date: 4th Of July