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Full Version: PES edit for newbies
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Basics to adding custom graphics on PES 2012 for newbies
PES 2012 employs a system of *.bin files, contained in img folders. So, the first thing you should know is how to edit.

If you open up your PES install folder you will find that there is a folder named IMG, (this will be there even if you dont have any patches installed). However, if you do have patches involved then there is another folder named the KITSERVER, which houses all the img folders and within them the *.bin files that the patch has edited.

So, to install your custom graphics you need to edit the patch IMG folder's BIN files. For example, if you want to edit the first screen you see while PES 2012 opens up (it normally is the KONAMI screen), then you need to o into the KITSERVER folder and then onto the patch folder (I have SMOKE Patch, so the folder there is SMOKE_black 47) and in there you will find the IMG folder. There you will find a folder dt06.img, and in there a file named konami_679.bin. This is where the images for the start screens are located.

Now you need a editor program, I use the ULTIMATE DATA EDITOR for PES 2012, by barcafan

Download it and extract it anywhere you feel comfortable, open the PESUDE.exe and you will come to this screen

Backup your files before editing

Now open the konami_679.bin, from the PES install folder/kitserver/patch_name/img/dt06.img/ or PES install folder/img/dt06.img

Once you open this file you will see a screen like this:

Select the titleKonami.tex file, to replace the first screen you see while the game starts, if you want to replace the screen after that then the ESRB screen select the titleEsrbNoText.tex

When you do this the screen in the editor changes, now click the open PNG under the image editor tab, to select a screen you want at the start
Any file you select must be a PNG file, with 1024*1024 resolution, like this picture:

Once you select the file, click on replace image and then on save icon. Now when you start the game you will see that after the Konami screen this file will appear.

Hope it was helpful, enjoy the game.
New Liverpool Logo

Same as below, to change the Liverpool FC logo, go on to the im folder in the kitserver and then find the dt0f.img folder. In there you will find an unamed_2379.bin file or teams embles_2379.bin.

Open that file using the PESUDE mentioned below, to change the LFC logo simply find the file named emblem_8080_1003_r and then click on Open PNG tab, a new opoup will open which is askin you for the file, select the logo you want or the one provided here.

The file must be PNG so that a transparent background is saved and it should be 256*256 px in size.

Once you have done that dont forget to click on replace image icon. Now save the bin file. We are done.

please i am new here, i have a pes 2012 on my my ps3 but its quite different from what i saw here, the commentary mentioning Etihad, the jersey, the premiership display logo, the teams, they all seem different than my pes 12. please can you guide me to install all these on my pes too please. i would really appreciate if you can teach me step by step cos i dont know anything about how i can install anything on it. i have been trying to change the team names by myself and the logos too and that takes loads of time. thanks
A new shiny Liverbird video, instead of the Ronaldo video that appears in the main menu.

To download the video please visit, where the download link is available.

Download the file and extract it, then copy the extracted file to PES 2012/img/ to replace the file there.

Backup your game file with the same file name before replacing with this file.

If you want any videos to be custom done please request it on
with the url for the video.

Video for the above In Game PES 2012
I have always been a Fifa player and I am quite new to pro evolution soccer but I am learning faster.