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Full Version: Adding kits for non-licensed teams like Uruguay
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When I try to add new kits using Game Graphics Studio and Ultimate Editor, only the licensed teams show their bin files. How can I edit the kits for non-licensed teams like Egypt and Uruguay? Where are their bin files in dt0c?
Nobody likes to answer questions here?
Okay, here is a solution, check it whether it suits you.......

Open "C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\img\dt0c.bin" with GGS. On the left pane, you'll get texture files. Kit slots are strated from about unnamed_5758.bin, to the rest. better you check the previous textures also. There are some more kit textures in dt0f.bin also. open each bin file with GGS, click on textures in left pane, and check for your desired kit.

After you've find it, click on the smaller image on bottom. There are tow kit slots one home and the other's away. select any one. You'll get the preview in main pane. Right click -> open -> find a png kit image like GDB\Europe\Germany\pa\kit.png. Drag it to the bottom corresponding image by RIGHT CLICKING, i repeat right click not left click at the time of dragging. It'll update the new image automatically.

You can change any kit by this procedure, just be aware two things 1. take your backup first, and 2. select the appropriate model and coller by using "Ultimate Editor" or "PES 2012 Editor", or you'll find a mess when playing.

I don't know what's the texture of Uruguay or Egypt, either check the dt0c.bin and dt0f.bin with GGS or check the kit slot no. in "Ultimate Editor" or "PES 2012 Editor".

I think, it's okay for you now, for any prob let me know about it.

Enjoy PES 12 ...........
I would also like to know, like Uruguay kit in . Can edit it?