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Full Version: Install pes 2011 patches
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I've downloaden a list of patches on my pc, and copied them to my playstation, but when I start pes 11 there is no change (no shirts, original names etc.).

I've tried to load them at edit data (in game) but he wont find them.

Also when I look in saved data utility and change filter there are now 2 maps that say Pro Evolution soccer 2011.

So what am I doing wrong?


This is a tool to fix animation issues on PES 2010/2011 faces' bins. Just Click the one and only button on the application, pick the files you want and they will be fixed. Changes v0.2 ------------ - Added support for older faces (now fixing the shading problem, thanks to sxsxsx help). The tool should now work for all faces! Known issues: - The application just removes animations on faces (detaching vertices from bones) - No hair convertion - PC only supported, on this release


(07-16-2011, 08:49 AM)kena Wrote: [ -> ]First patch is based on the seventh update of Konami
VII download the update for the one who is not available to him from here

- Add a full Egyptian league 16 teams only
- All European periodicals updated in 2011 2012
- Transfer to this day, 14 7 2011
- Crews have been updated significantly and put crews are real and not imaginary R4i
- Add continents teams of each continent in a professional team
- Added encouragement difference
- kits GDB
- Has been developed Escobord World Cup
- KITS hd
- Is characterized by the possibility to install patch Patch latest patch, because with all the patch files
Complete Bundesliga (All added players with PSD stats, correct appearence
and boots, ALL teams with correct squads, numbers, lineups and fan colours,
added Werder Bremen and Bayern München to ‘Bundesliga’ league)

Some patches are not working with Playstations. But you can find the best one from piretbay site.