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Full Version: EDIT00000000 (manual editing)
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Hi, I downloaded the smoke patch and now I would like to block the development and degradation of player skills. Therefore, I would like to set the age of all players to 24. I would like to do it with one click, but Pes 2020 Editor V0.11.5 by Ejogc327 does not allow editing of EDIT00000000.
I decrypted file EDIT00000000 and got 6 files: data.dat (10MB), description.dat (1KB), encryptHeader.dat (1KB), header.dat (1KB), logo.png (14KB) and version.txt (1KB ). I understand that the squads are in the data.dat file. I don't know how to edit it? Convert to excel or use some program? I am asking for a hint.