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Full Version: Help! Edit UCL / Edit Konami Cup
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welcome Hello PES PATCH friends, My name is Ian and I am from Argentina.
I come to the forum to ask myself a question
You will see every year I celebrate the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in PES since 2017, We do this event with friends in an Offline way, We play the matches one comes out champion and we celebrate as if it were real, it is our ritual with the pes saga
This year due to the quarantine in my country one of my friends was left out of town, therefore we cannot celebrate the full cup, the cup involves too many matches.
We decided to cut the trophy, Eliminating the UCL group stage was the perfect solution, My friends don't want to lose the cinematics, commentators, celebrations, setting and the UCL trophy.
The question: Is it possible to eliminate the group stage of the Champions League?
Is it possible to bring the champions trophy to the KONAMI CUP?
Can I set the KONAMI CUP as if it were the UCL?
Thanks for reading, I appreciate you. Greetings from Argentina  Friends