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Full Version: [Special Tribute] Callname&Callshot Cutrone (Fiorentina) Convert PES 2020
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[Image: 4af3b33f7c0c4c8abfa9f528d83a30e3.jpg]
This is a Special Tribute for players who fight and survive agains corona virus, hope them get well soon

Callname & Callshot!!! Cutrone (Central Forward of Fiorentina) convert from PES 2020
Just extract all adx files into the dt00_e folder, and set commentary name to "ROMMEDAHL"
this will replace anything

For the better, i recommended you using patch from Micano, cause i am using this patch and this really works fine for all my project callname

For another project callname convert from pes 2020, you can see it here (Sign in first and if you want please rate and comment)