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Full Version: Questions about editing .ted files - ID numbers
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So I know what I want to achieve, but am not sure if it is possible. Any advice much appreciated.

I have an option file installed - but want to sort out my free agents. I don't think you can install a .ted for free agents or edited players, so I was going to use the classics teams to base copy players from over the problem players.

When I import option files some players get shunted into free agents - is this because the ID numbers are different? So if I make an .ted of free agents in the classic teams, keeping the same player ID numbers as are in the current .ted will those players just be written over, rather than being moved into free agents when I install the edited .ted of free agents?

Hope this makes sense, am just looking for shortcuts rather than manually editing the free agents. Any questions or if I have not been clear just let me know.