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Full Version: PES 2012 Next Season Patch 2019 Update V2.0 - Released 12.03.2019
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[Image: PES%2B2012%2BNext%2BSeason%2B2019%2BUpda...atches.jpg]

- Update Last Transfers March 2019
- New Faces Added +100 Faces
- New Kits Updated for some teams 2018/2019
- New Ballspack 2018/2019
- Update UEFA Champions League 2019 (Scoreboard, Ball)
- New Scoreboard for Friendly match Like PES 2019
- Update Players (Ratings, State)
- New Young Players For Some Teams
- Update Players Jersey Number

- You must have these Versions before download and install Update V2.0
[b]1. PES 2012 Next Season Patch 2019[/b]
[b]2. PES 2012 Next Season Patch 2019 Update V1.0[/b]
- Size: 74 MB
[Image: pes2012%2B2019-03-12%2B19-04-20-83.jpg]

[Image: pes2012%2B2019-03-12%2B19-16-39-92.jpg]

[Image: pes2012%2B2019-03-12%2B19-09-51-73.jpg]

[Image: pes2012%2B2019-03-12%2B19-26-28-26.jpg]

[Image: pes2012%2B2019-03-12%2B19-29-25-83.jpg]

[Image: 995910587.png]