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Full Version: The latest patch Pace 2017 Mini Patch
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[Image: PES-1.jpg?strip=all&w=960&quality=100]
Add all kits for the new season

Mennio graphic of Pace 19
Scour Board Champions League of Viva 19
Newest Buck Shoes
The latest Pac - Cor
InterPace 19
Scour Board Pieces 19
Pace Flooring
Make the grass shape realistic
Add to narrow sets Pace 19
The crews are stammering because of the flaws
s********* with the latest songs where 32 songs 2019 enthusiastic and wonderful
Power Bar Pace 19
Tim Power Pace 19
New crews
The new Cplayer is very close to Jim Play Pace 19
Mini Vis Lecter of 9000 European and Arab players
Add 302 face to European and Arab players
The appearance of fatigue on the players
Graphic game like Pace 19
Change the shape of the logo of the teams in the form of kits + for the distinctive destinations of the teams
Add PES 19 ads
The new Italian drama logo
Add a piss window 19
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