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Full Version: SpecificPatch 13 V1.0 Released!
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DLC 6 and Game Version 1.00

Spor Toto Super League, Spor Toto 1st League, PL, Topaz PL and Ligue 1 updated 100%

60% of La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS and other European teams have been updated

More than 50 teams have been added to other European teams

Added Spor Toto 2nd League and Spor Toto 3rd League

From the Regional Amateur League, 12 teams who finished 1st place in the first place were added

Added cheers for Spor Toto Super League's leading teams 

Added cheers for some Turkish 1st League teams

Added after goal m**** for Besiktas,Fenerbahce and Galatasaray

Added scoreboards for all leagues and cups

Added snow mode

Added 3478 faces

Added Chinese Super League (Activate from Mode Selector)

Added Hd Pitch mode, Sweet FX, Pes 2018 kit mode, Pes 2018 and FIFA 18 graphic modes

Added Turkish commentator (Emin Zevkliler)

Added 4 classic teams

Added 60 stadium

And more...



Mega Part 1

Mega Part 2

Alternative 1

Zippyshare Part 1

Zippyshare Part 2

Zippyshare Part 3

Zippyshare Part 4

Zippyshare Part 5

Zippyshare Part 6

Zippyshare Part 7

Zippyshare Part 8

Zippyshare Part 9

Zippyshare Part 10

Alternative 2

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