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Full Version: Hybrid Config by theartman
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[Image: PES2018%2B2017-09-27%2B14-28-24-79.jpg]

[Image: PES2018%2B2017-09-27%2B14-28-17-50.jpg]

[Image: PES2018%2B2017-09-27%2B14-28-33-90.jpg]

[Image: PES2018%2B2017-09-27%2B14-28-53-13.jpg]

This is PES 2018 new optimation based from full game, I calling this "Hybrid" Config

What different from last modification;
_working in full PEs 2018 game database
_all render setting forced to very_low, some setting you can change it in game
_This config was set the "render setting" to this result:

\\ Depth of Field [forced to "off"]
\\ Antialiasing FXAA [forced to "off"]
\\ Texture Filtering [set to "low"] {you can choose "medium" or "high" setting in render setting}
\\ Motion Blur [forced to "off"]
\\ Bloom [forced to "off"]
\\ Ambient Occlusion [forced to "off"]
\\ Shadow [forced to "low"]
\\ Post processing [in game setting]
\\ Lens Simulation [forced to "low"]
\\ Effect [in game setting]
\\ Cloth simulation [in game setting]
\\ Pitchside [in game setting]
\\ Turf [in game setting]
\\ Goal net [in game setting]
\\ Spectator [in game setting]

_recomended setting for performance in PES 2018 "Render Setting" is "low"
_if you need more best result in render image, you can choose "medium" or "high" setting or do any "custom" setting
_used Camera Setting Dynamic Wide Custom zoom "10" & height "10"
_running game on 50fps desktop resolution setting for more fps


Instalation :
_looking @ Instalation_folder.jpg
_Backup current dt00_x64.cpk
_Paste dt00_x64.cpk

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