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Full Version: PES 2018 Guide To Install PS4 Option File
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- Format a USB drive to FAT32. Right-hand click on your USB device and go to Properties to check if it is/isn’t in FAT32 format already.

- This next bit is important: create a separate folder on your USB device and name it WEPES.

- Download an option file (most places come with detailed instructions in case you get stuck) and pop the unzipped files – use WinRAR if needs be – into the WEPES folder

- Next, place your USB into your PS4 and fire up PES 2018. Easy-peasy.

- Go to the Edit screen and make your way to Data Management and then, finally, the Import/Export screen

- Hit Import Team and make sure all boxes are checked on the Select File page.

- The Detailed Setting page after that needs to have both boxes unticked – then go for it.

- Once the option file works its magic (it’ll take around 5-10 minutes), be sure to save in the Data Management screen at the very end.

- If you’ve only downloaded kits, badges, and names (or if that’s all you want) then you’re finished. Go play. If not, make your way back to the Data Management screen to upload those pesky competition logos.

- Go to Import/Export and click Import Images. Find the Competition Emblems option and tick all of the logos you want to import then press OK.

- Finally, you’ve got to add the competition logos manually. Find the Competitions menu on the Edit screen and match the logos you’ve downloaded to the correct competitions. (Be sure to Google the images - you don’t want to mix up your La Liga 123 and your Serie Bs!) All done!


1. Download the option file.
2. Plug in your USB and extract the WEPES folder to your USB
3. On PS4 dash, go to application settings & delete the EDIT DATA
4. Plug in USB to PS4 and go to edit mode
5. Go to import team option
6. Wait a few minutes while it imports
7. Exit edit mode, go to exhibition mode and turn off Live Data (R3)
8. Enjoy!

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* tested and 100% working with PES 2018 WEHK Community OF v0.1 For PS4