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Full Version: How to Use Multiple exe as PTE, PESProfessional for Another Patch in PES 2017
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This tutorial for make your pes 2017 have multiple patch such as PTE, PESProfessional, Smoke Patch and other patch. you can use them without removing installed patch in your pc, just install new patch in different directory and edit your pes2017.exe.

Step 1
open pes2017.exe using HxD and search

Step 2

rename those 2 'd.o.w.n.l.o.a.d' lines with whatever name u want as long as 8 letters
(make folder the same name as u renamed and put all datapack files inside the folder)

Step 3
same with Step 1,but search for "save" in search box

rename to whatever u want as long as 4 letters

*if u using any patch, i don't think the patch selector will work if u use this method​

Download HxD?

Tutorial make by supalids