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Full Version: MLS STARS v2.0 FOR PTE PATCH 5.1 By Julcesar
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- 22 MLS Teams in Other Teams Latin America (Atlanta United FC & Minnesota United FC included)

- J-League replace PAS League.

- Hebei China Fortune FC & Shanghái Greenland Shenhua FC added in AFC Champions League.

- ML Free Players: D. Forlán, Adriano Leite, Ronaldinho (37yo), Artur Moraes, P. Aimar, M. Busch, J. Saviola, Luís Fabiano, H. Mancilla, B. Friedel, R. Ferdinand, Amauri, Xavi (36yo), D. Berbatov, S. Eto'o, Mohamed Sissoko, Geuvanio, Adam Johnson, Nemanja Vidic.

- Duplicate Liga MX players fixed (Barovero, Beckeles, Iturra, etc)

- USA and Mexico National Teams with players from Liga MX and MLS

- Transfers Liga MX 90% (players to create soon)

- Transfers MLS 100% (Schweinsteiger in Chicago Fire)

- Ballpack 50 balls v2 by cRoNoS, the official 2017 MLS match ball included.

[Image: aa0825542346283.jpg] [Image: c512ff542346285.jpg] [Image: 89e3ac542346288.jpg] [Image: 3b3b58542346291.jpg] [Image: 15cf44542346294.jpg] [Image: 497ac4542346298.jpg] [Image: c225b1542346301.jpg] [Image: de4a66542346305.jpg] [Image: c25ea1542346312.jpg] [Image: 757b80542346316.jpg] [Image: 96c385542346320.jpg] [Image: a47080542346322.jpg] [Image: 8d1a75542346325.jpg] [Image: 2b744d542346327.jpg] [Image: 637abf542346333.jpg][Image: aaf695542346339.jpg]



Faces: & Konami

Kit Makers: 4N63L, AymEn YastRin, JCH331994, Borusse92, CF10, Link Mody, Berkut.

Balls: cRoNoS

Thanks to: Konami, PTE Patch Team and Team PES MX

How to Install:

- Copy ptepatch_MLS_Stars.cpk in Download folder
- Add ptepatch_MLS_Stars.cpk to DpFileList.bin with DpFileList Generator
[Image: 3707da542346380.jpg]
- Copy and Replace EDIT00000000.bin in C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save