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Full Version: PesProfessionals Patch 2017 v 2.2 Classic Face Pack By Mohamed Gamal
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*Features :

Face Updated To Real Face For 25 Players :

( G. Weah , D. Beckham , Almeyda , A. Nesta , K. Kaladze , Adriano , D. Drogba , S. Eto’o , F. Lampard ,

S. Gerrard , A. Recoba , Mihajlovic , G. Zambrota , J. Zanetti , N. Vidic , E. Cantona , Solskjaer ,

R. Giggs , Guti , A. Pirlo , H. Crespo , J. Veron , Morientes , I. Casillas , Raul Gonzalez )

And Added 6 New Players With Real Face :

( F. Puskas , A. Di Stefano , M. Salgado , I. Helguera , A. Del Piero , F. Barthez )

Preview :
[Image: b8b71a539721695.jpg] [Image: 505758539721710.jpg] [Image: a50f50539721732.jpg] [Image: 62d394539721749.jpg] [Image: ef92c2539721774.jpg] [Image: 1556dc539721784.jpg] [Image: 3eebf1539721818.jpg] [Image: 99f820539721836.jpg]  [Image: 724a11539721927.jpg] [Image: 2c3887539721951.jpg] [Image: 5f472e539721966.jpg] [Image: 0a0ffd539722013.jpg] [Image: 64532f539722050.jpg] [Image: c07984539722071.jpg] [Image: 559561539722087.jpg] [Image: 0e48a5539722121.jpg] [Image: c4a0d4539722144.jpg] [Image: 13eeb5539722187.jpg] [Image: d36960539722229.jpg] [Image: 3b35c8539722273.jpg] [Image: 47eabd539722303.jpg] [Image: 5d22a0539722358.jpg] [Image: 2c169e539722399.jpg] [Image: 037978539722443.jpg] [Image: 1bb32f539722470.jpg] [Image: d94a39539722497.jpg] [Image: 72ce41539722521.jpg] [Image: 287006539722547.jpg] [Image: f42acf539722575.jpg] [Image: b99e5d539722636.jpg]

*Install :

1 ) Install PES Professionals Patch v2 And Update v2.1 And Update 2.2 If You Have It All Go To The Next Step

يجب عليك اولآ تسطيب بيس بروفيشنال باتش بتحديثاته 2.1 و 2.2 , اذا كنت قد فعلت ذلك من قبل انتقل الي الخطوة التالية

Download Pes Professionals Patch

2 ) You Need To Install My Option File Update 18.03 , If You already Have It Go To The Next Step

يجب عليك تسطيب الاصدار السابق من الاوبشن فايل بتاريخ 18.03 و اذا كنت قد حملته مسبقآ و قمت بنسخه انتقل الي الخطوة المقبلة

Download Option File For PES Professionals Patch 2017 v2.2

3 ) Extract PesProfessionals Classic Pack By Mohamed Gamal.rar

PesProfessionals Classic Pack By Mohamed Gamal.rar قم بفك الضغط عن ملف

4 ) Backup your EDIT00000000 At "\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save"

"\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save"من المسار EDIT00000000 قم بأخذ نسخه من ملف

5 ) Copy Save Folder From PesProfessionals Classic Pack By Mohamed Gamal.rar

And Replace It At "\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017"

و قم باستبداله "\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017" الي المسار save أنسخ فولدر

6 ) Copy ClassicPack_PESProfessionals.cpk To "Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download"

And Generate It With PES 2017 - DpFileList Generator by Baris

و قم بتفعيله بواسطه "Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download" الي المسار ClassicPack_PESProfessionals.cpk أنسخ

DpFileList Generator by Baris


- Please Use Original Link & Don't Reupload for support my work.
- Respect my work, if you use on your patch, put me on credits.
– If You Will Put The Thread In Your Site You Can Use Your Own URL shortener but don’t change my link ..

Credit : Mohamed Gamal  , Sameh Momen , rema5 , agika , JuuanKaa1990 , Kasabal1_45 , Kelvinchan327 , ilhan , shriduttrao , DzGeNiO , G-Style Show Room

Special Thanks : PesProfessionals Team


Download :
PesProfessionals Patch v2.2 Classic Face Pack