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Full Version: Bundesliga Stadiums FINAL Versión 2018 In GDB For PES 2013
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Regards On this occasion I bring to you Bundesliga Stadiums Versión 2018 In GDB For PES 2013 Final Versión Since after this I will NOT do any more updates For stadiums of Bundesliga.

Updated BY MY Versión 2018 with NEW turfs in Full HD for all Mods day-fine, day-rain, night-fine and night-rain, Created realistic shadows in the turf in Day Fine Mode In all stadiums.

Fixed problem with lighting when playing on wide camera in Night Fine Mode in Red Bull Arena - Leipzig and BayArena - Bayer Leverkusen.

Changed lighting in the stands in Night Fine Mode in BayArena - Bayer Leverkusen and Veltins Arena - Schalke 04.

Preview with real image of the stadium and mosaic In the stand based in real image of the Mosaic in Allianz Arena and Signal Iduna Park.

Adboards 2018 versión Credits By M4RCELO. Enjoy It.

Allianz Arena - Bayern Múnich

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-25-03-070.jpg]

Day Fine Mode

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0320-57-47-804.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0320-58-19-548.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0320-58-09-143.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0320-58-27-317.jpg]

Night Fine Mode

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-19-40-594.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-20-04-738.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-19-53-504.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-20-15-184.jpg]

Signal Iduna Park - Borussia Dortmund

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-52-08-107.jpg]

Real Image Mosaic
[Image: L8Etm.jpg]

Day Fine Mode

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-00-41-545.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-01-13-197.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-01-02-830.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-01-20-279.jpg]

Night Fine Mode

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-52-24-519.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-52-43-877.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-52-34-216.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-53-09-540.jpg]

[Image: LBLKU.png]
[Image: LBXvH.png]

Red Bull Arena - Leipzig

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-11-07-213.jpg]

Day Fine Mode

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-02-35-399.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-03-06-797.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-02-56-469.jpg]

[Image: PesJP20132017-07-0321-03-14-316.jpg]

Night Fine Mode - Fixed problem with lighting When playing in wide camera

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-09-09-460.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-09-47-365.jpg]

[Image: efgyfa.jpg]

[Image: vlc2017-07-0320-10-16-222.jpg]

More stadiums soon
BayArena - Bayer Leverkusen

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: 24ybjix.jpg]

Day Fine Mode

[Image: 2hdo2af.jpg]

[Image: m8n402.jpg]

[Image: zmh7gj.jpg]

[Image: 1250t91.jpg]

Night Fine Mode Fixed problem with lighting When playing in wide camera,Changes were also made Regarding lighting in the stands

[Image: 30szfac.png]

[Image: jgo7tj.jpg]

[Image: 250trw8.png]

[Image: wce0eg.jpg]

[Image: 25zht0h.jpg]

[Image: ixgww3.jpg]

Veltins Arena - Schalke 04

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: 2wrdo2b.jpg]

Night Fine Mode The lighting was changed in the stands And added New Turf in Full HD.

[Image: 29dfh9g.png]

[Image: 4l3ce8.jpg]

[Image: nyem1w.png]

[Image: 343rkgj.jpg]

[Image: ioknqp.png]

[Image: 302mc2g.jpg]

[Image: jud1sl.png]

[Image: 2lvit6d.jpg]

Olympiastadion Berlin - Hertha Berlín

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: 281by4l.jpg]

Day Fine Mode

[Image: r9o7pj.jpg]

[Image: dgkpwl.jpg]

[Image: jb5hyq.jpg]

[Image: 1qj38o.jpg]

More stadiums soon
Rhein Neckar Arena - Hoffenheim

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: 15oyn1w.jpg]

Night Fine Mode
[Image: 5eyiqw.jpg]

[Image: 4puxxt.jpg]

[Image: 16kqn3d.jpg]

[Image: 15f38e8.jpg]

Commerzbank Arena - Eintracht Frankfurt

Preview Gameplay Tool
[Image: alhnyr.jpg]

Day Fine Mode
[Image: aebr6b.jpg]

[Image: 2mwt1g8.jpg]

[Image: 2j65q29.jpg]

[Image: 333z8qq.jpg]
2018 versión enjoy it.
2018 versión enjoy it all Stadiums