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Full Version: [PC] Team Editor Manager 2017 - Version 3.1.5
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[Image: SplashScreen17.png]
supported platforms

General Features:
Edit the file .bin:
- Player.bin
- PlayerAssignement.bin
- PlayerAppareance.bin
- Team.bin
- Country.bin
- Tactics.bin
- TacticsFormation.bin
- Ball.bin
- BallCondition.bin

Player's editor
- Name
- Shirt name
- Nationality
- 2nd Nationality
- Player styles
- Age
- Height and weight
- Stronger foot
- Form, we acc/usage and injury res
- Hidden player
- Positions
- Stats
- Skills
- COM playing styles
- Player's motions
- Stats adjustments
- Remove Fake ID
- Copy/Paste player stats from PesStatsDatabase (PSD)
- Change skin colour
- Import player's stats from FM 2017 (152188 players)

- Search FM 2017 players by names

- Search FM 2017 players by clubs

- Filter FM 2017 player's search by club
- Filter FM 2017 player's search by nationality

Team's editor
- Names ( 15 languages supported )
- Short name
- Country
- Fake team
- Non playable league
- License
- Coach license
- Remove fake team

Team's transfers editor
- Transfer players (with Drag&Drop Function)
- Search players by name
- Change player's number in team
- Change player's name in team
- Change player's shirt name in team

Drag&Drop function
- Transfer player between teams
- Transfer player from all player's list
- Remove player in formation
- Move player in formation

Team's formation editor
- Change formations (Custom, Offensive and Defensive)
- Changing formations quickly by selecting the module
- Change player's position
- Change player's position in the pitch with a click
- Change kickers

Ball's editor
- Ball name
- Order

Export/Import function
- Players + teams [CSV]
- Teams [CSV]
- Players [CSV]
- Balls [CSV]
- PlayerAppareance [CSV]
- Ball Condition [CSV]

- Stadium: [PES 14/PES 15/PES 16]
Stadium Name, Hex, Home Stadium, Real Name, DLC

Global Functions

- Change all player's names in upper/lower/first up format
- Change all teams's names in upper/lower/first up format

Extra Features:
- Compatible with all DLC's
- All bootspack are supported
- Remove fake team's names
- unzlib/zlib file [PC] - Pes 14/15/16/17

[Image: Immagine.png]

[Image: Immagine1.png]

[Image: Immagine2.png]
[Image: Immagine.png]

[Image: download.png]

if you want to share the tool on your site / forum, leave the same link, thanks

password: lagun-2

Grazie Mille.  Salut
(09-17-2016, 06:13 PM)GenRu Wrote: [ -> ]Grazie Mille.  Salut

Thank for your tools
(09-17-2016, 07:38 PM)HICHEM TIGS Wrote: [ -> ]Thank for your tools

thank you :)

There may be bugs, please report

[Image: 1.png]
[Image: 2.png]
[Image: 3.png][Image: Immagine.png]
[Image: Immagine4.png]
[Image: Immagine5.png]

- improve the tool
- improve research
- search teams
- backup files
- fix bugs (thanks to joker5 and CHIKILLI)
- PlayerAppareance decode: (big thanks to smeagol75) reading of all Skin Colour in the files, change Skin Colour
- skin color preview by hawke
- Export: PlayerAppareance [CSV], Ball Condition [CSV]

[Image: download.png]

INSTRUCTIONS: look good the folder "Docs" (you can find the folder in tool's folder)

Designed and developed by lagun-2
special thanks to smeagol75 because he was very important for the development of Team Editor Manager 2016
unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
Mohamed Alaa for PC Database and PS3 Database
Stadiums ID List PES 14-15-16 by rickrd0
Player.bin decode: smeagol75
PlayerAppareance decode: big thanks to smeagol75
skin color preview by hawke
thanks to report bugs: submax4ever, joker5 and CHIKILLI
how work this  
[Image: screenjjj.png]
i change name gabriel to adriano leite
[Image: bMw1mae.png]
when i save this

i extract cpk to new folder desktop and copy to  team editor docs  d10

ihave a demo pes
not work
How to open Database with Team Editor Manager 2017

1 - Donwload CpkFileExplorer (CRI Packed File Maker) and open it

2 - Drag and Drop dt10_win.cpk on the tool
3 - see the picture

[Image: Immagine1.png]

[Image: Immagine2.png]

in this case it was written "profile_name" but you can write what you want

4 - Wait the end of the extraction 
5 - Now, open dt36.cpk and extracting  all

[Image: Immagine3.png]

6 - Close the program.

7 - Open the folder. In my case, I open "profile_name"

[Image: Immagine4.png]

[Image: Immagine5.png]

[Image: Immagine6.png]

[Image: Immagine7.png]

[Image: Immagine8.png]

8- Close folder

9 - Open Team Editor Manager

10 - Click File--Open and select your folder

in this case, I select a folder that is called "dt10_pes17"

[Image: jsopqd.png]

11 - Wait loading

[Image: Immagine1.png]

12 - well, now you can use the program!

if you want to change a player

1 - Select player

[Image: 1.png]

2 - double click (or right mouse button---Edit Player)

[Image: 2.png]

3 - finally, click "Accept"

if you want to change a formation

1 - Select player of a team

[Image: Immagine1.png]

2 - right mouse button---Edit Team

[Image: 3.png]

3 - finally, click "Accept"

When you want save

1 - File----Save

[Image: Immagine1.png]

[Image: Immagine2.png]

[b]Download Tutorial

[b][Image: download.png]

[b][b]if you want to share the tool on your site / forum, leave the same link, thanks
not work for pes17 demo
not succes i try change name player
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