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Full Version: Ultras Revolution Patch 2015-16 By Abdallah El Ghamry
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[Image: 3Mqbh5S.png]

[Image: bLsadYV.jpg]

[Image: 3Mqbh5S.png]

Official Facebook Page : Ultras Revolution Patch

[Image: 3Mqbh5S.png]

Features :-

- Included Data Pack 6.00

- Included PES 2013 Patch 1.04

- Added Egyptian PL

- Added New Intros

- Updated Starting Year 2016-17

- Updated Teams Squads & Formations 2015-16

- Updated National Teams Squads & Formations 2015-16

- Corrected Names & emblems For All Competitions

- Updated Players Stats From PSD

- Added Teams Banners

- Added Chants For All Teams

- Updated All Kits 2015-16

- Added Mosaics For Many Teams

- Added New Boot Pack 2015-16

- Added New Ball Pack 2015-16

- Added Hmarich Patch

- Added New Adboards

- Added New Stadiums

- Added A Huge Number Of Best Faces

- Added ML Sponsors

- Added Palestine

- Updated European super Match

- Added Champions League New Scoreboard

- Added New Hairs For Master League

- Added Winners Badge For Barcelona

- Added Badge Of Honor For Real Madrid & Bayern

- Corrected Leagues Balls

Selector Features :-

- Added Browser To Check For Updates

- Added Tools To Edit Master League & Become A legend

- Added 12 Scoreboards

- Added Real Trophies

- Added 7 Gloves

- Added Referees kits

- Added Cinematic Entrance

- Added 6 Smokes

- Added 11 Training Kits

[Image: gfSXb88.png]

[Image: 3Mqbh5S.png]

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[Image: ZE0GXVM.jpg]
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[Image: QPQVF0e.jpg]
[Image: Aa6BuEB.jpg]
[Image: YTZX6GC.jpg]
[Image: 9zSjLyK.jpg]
[Image: qYuWR9r.jpg]
[Image: xFykGkc.jpg]
[Image: 38EHvqO.jpg]
[Image: Ov4eaW7.png]
[Image: umy4VTL.jpg]
[Image: IcsB6xb.jpg]
[Image: 2lPC9Ps.jpg]
[Image: gVxc5Is.jpg]
[Image: WGH0eKo.jpg]
[Image: wF8kTeF.jpg]
[Image: RBOvhRm.jpg]
[Image: rQ0e73K.jpg]
[Image: 48vgVqp.jpg]
[Image: HBnL2Zu.jpg]

[Image: 3Mqbh5S.png]


[b]Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
[/url][url=]Part 4


[Image: 3Mqbh5S.png]

How To SetUp The Patch :-

1- Copy Patch Files To Game Folder .
2- Open [b]Ultras Revolution Patch Selector And Click SetUp And Wait 1 Minute .

3- Choose Your Settings And Click Apply .[/b]
4- Start Your Game .

[Image: 3Mqbh5S.png]

Patch Maker : Abdallah Tamer El Ghamry
Special Thanks For : Mohamed Triki
Thanks For : Ibrahim Mado, Mohammed Abdel Kader, Ahmed Ayman, Mizo 199, Khaled Selem, Youo, Mohamed Ashour, Ahmed Hesham
edit 4downfile part 2 please
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