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Football Manager/Fifa 14 to PES 14 Converter v1.0


Football Manager / Fifa 14 to PES 14 Converter v1.0 by SMcCutcheon

Version 1.0 :

Supports only English Premier League and English FL Championship in this version
Playing Styles/Playing Skills are still a work in progress and will not feature in this version.
When merging some players between FIFA and FM there has been a few errors which will be fixed for the next version. i.e Jonny Evans has some stats of fellow Man Utd player Callum Evans.
Search function (Yellow box – A2) supports searching for Teams and Players. i.e. search for “Manchester Utd”, click drop down box (Red box) and Man Utd’s squad will be selectable.
When searching caps must be used appropriately i.e. “Rooney” will work, “rooney” or “ROONEY” will not work.

Please remember these stats have been converted from FM14 and FIFA 14 therefore I can not be held responsible for “this guy is too high” or this guy is “too low”.

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