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Font Editor 2009 by liberostelios


This is a program based on ninuzzu’s great decoded work. So thank him first for that discovery!

Use this program at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you keep a backup of the original files.

This program is tested under XP and Vista. If you get any problem, please contact to [email protected] (msn or email) or post a comment under gamingaccess news about this…

We wish little Skunk a happy new life :)

How to use
1) Open font file. Font files are on cv05.img:
-unnamed_140.bin, 2 subfiles (game menus and scoreboards fonts, some buttons and images fonts)
-unnamed_141.bin, fonts for edit mode

2) Select a letter.
– You can change the character, top (vertical position), and width under “Parameters”. Always press “change” to save the changes on parameters.
– You can change the image of the font (the actual font rendered ingame). To do this, either press “draw font” and select the system font you want to render for that character (we suggest a size of 18 to 20) or right-click on the font preview and select “Import png…”

3) Always save for changes (or select save as)


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