1. Hi, i really like your work but: can you explain how to install?…because at least for me, it doesn’t work =)

  2. hani: Not to disappoint you but…at least for me it doesn’t work neither with AFS Explore.
    However, if it work with you, let us know =)

  3. I believe it doesn’t work because: after the DLC 1.0 the bins of the flags aren’t under the dt04, but under dt0f, and they are the 1918 or 1919.
    Then, amirjahed, please fix it =)

  4. How to: Open the .bin file with ggs (Game Graphic Studio) then save all the country flags. Open then the unnamed_1920 and 1921 from the dt0f.img and overwrite the older flags

    sry for my bad english -.-


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