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FirePatch 1.4 All In One – Released #17/1/2011


pes 2011 FirePatch 1.4 All In One - Released #17/1/2011

FirePatch 1.4 All In One – Released #17/1/2011 :

– 20 team Championship & 58 team Euro Other & 46 Team Other Latinh in Exhibition
– Update face và add more 200 new face
– Unlock New classic team: 18 team classic C1
– Anthem Việt Nam.
– Replace all Icon HD & add some face HD.
– New Stadium with stadiumpack about 10 stadium (will release after some days)
– New turf HD & snow turf.
– Update new kit team D2 and some other team.
– 5 New team Star .
– New ballpack
– New 60 HD bootspack và relink for all player.
– Add new Master League Young
– All location for all team.
– Recent transfers.
– Callname EPL.
– Full team & Location UEFA Champions League 2010-2011.
– Update tattoo for some player: Ex: Nani, Berbatov …
– And continue with some add on by FireTool: new Scoreboard, D2 team league, Goalnet, Logo…
– Original PES Stats.

And with many good things for the Patch.

Note: Choose add on logo after choose any D2 league in FireTool. It isn’t error. ;)

Remove old version because this version is ALL In One.

Download FirePatch 1.4 All In One:



Credit and Thanks to:

Juce and Robbie, [email protected], Obocaman, barcafan, Goldorakiller
WECN, ovit, komu, porridge, Txak, Hawke, milan84, stanek1983, stranxk
Michal16Widzew, DK Hernandez, kizadorcol, Paul81118, speka, hungreoquyu,
mobi_man, Dr.Hany, hany3, Kit makers, Face Makers
Scoreboard Makers, Stadium Makers, MxSoniC, EPT Team, Slayer67


  1. Thank you for everything I knew and I was hoping for a new version and it was dell’alavoro and thanks for everything you did not know if I’ve done alone or with others, however, still a good and thanks hello

  2. Hello you and pes-patch. Note: Please choose add on logo after choose any D2 league in FireTool. It isn’t error. Sorry for my english

  3. Doesnt work.I choose championship but instead is liga adelante and i’ve done like there but nothing.

  4. The best patch ever but it has some issues!
    The extra stadiums are wrong except one! It says ingamestadium1 2 3 etc.

    And the Championship New addon Doesn’t work for me, (wrong teams at league structure)

  5. After choose add on D2 league, you must choose add on logo. It isn’t error. Please remember that thing. We don’t make bundesliga 2. We will make it next version

  6. Please put some fix man, we all have problems with option files when we change league or scoreboard in fire-patch tools ! Do something ! Except that, awesome patch really !

  7. You can use tool unclock extra content. It is in firetool. You choose that you want to unclock and save to option.bin

  8. Thanks you Stevenpnt for your reply…you know when it comes out the next version…thanks you again…


  10. @fascinoso73: it is compatibily with DLC and Patch konami. You only setup abd it automatic to find pes folder. Next, next and finish. Sorry for my english

  11. hellu guyz…this is the first time that i try to instal this patch on my ps2….can anybody gimme the instruction?thanx

  12. Can i know if moroccan kit are available in this patch and thanx, otherwise this is the best patch for pes 2011

  13. how can I play the master league young? In the topic you say that add new master league young, but I don’t know how to do that. Please help me. Sorry my english but I am portuguese.

  14. This patch is compatible with version 1.3 of konami and if independent if have own .exe
    apologize for my bad English.
    thank you

  15. stevenpnt: please halp me, I can not edit strip in my pes 2011, i install fire patch 1.4 and this is exellent patch, but i can`t edit strip…..pleas help me

  16. very good patch…. i dont have the words to explain how good it is…really good work guys…keep it up.

  17. stevenpnt: please halp me, I can not edit strip in my pes 2011, i install fire patch 1.4 and this is exellent patch, but i can`t edit strip…..pleas help me

  18. Plz How to put Liga Adelante plz it’s a great patch i like it but i want to play with liga adelante my team is REAL BETIS plz tell me how

  19. Man..Your patch is awesome!!I want your help on something: Is there any way to add greek superleague to your patch?
    If there is, please HELP!!

  20. excuse my english.great patch,but the D2 are many errors. Add fix to solution this problems. Thank you and Que viva Colombia!!!

  21. @Issam: you use firetool to choose add on D2 liga adelante. After that, you must choose logo that you like.

  22. Okay.I have a problem.I installed patch and i have a DC 2.00 and Konami official 1.03 so that is good.after I installed patch i configuired patch addon to bo Bundesliga and ballpacks and other stuff you can change.then i go run PES2011-KOMU and when i get in to the game its all good but with teams isnt right…example all the team roster for milan barcelona aston villa for all teams are good but for budesliga is not only for wolfsburg and bayern are good team and there is another problem in this patch for chelsea aston villa west ham and others dont have original kits.so i was wondering can you help me because the patch is so awesome and stuff but only i dont have original kits and team roster for the teams like in bundesliga. Thanks for you respond. P.S. Sorry for bad english and grammar mistakes.

  23. stevenpnt: I can`t play become legend because when I want to save it, It will crash and writte error exe pes 2011. Please halp me to fix it

  24. Thank’s man i add Liga adelante =) the best patch thanks u i’m waiting for the next version
    i just want to tell u that Logo and kits of liga adelante are not correct =X what should i do plz

  25. this patch really fantastic but i can’t play become alegend because when i choose play agame and when entry the stadium and the match it is crash and go to desktop please fix it because i love this patch :S

  26. Don’t use add on 24 team D2 to play ML or BAL. You only play exhibiton wit it. It will crash because we added more team than max team of Pes. We will fix it quickly. You can play ML or BAL with other addon D2 and please read note to make it that insn’t error. Sorry for my english.

  27. Please comment english. I only know english and vietnamese.

    Issam: After choose Add on Liga adelante, You must choose add on logo that you like in FireTool. It will be correct logo.You can find 17 stadium create to import in game. We don’t use stadium create. We are going to release stadiumpack with about 10 stadiums and HD turf

  28. I have two problems first, the kits of the English league and I get ill I can not change the second Divicion, please help me I pray that I have wrong??

  29. Why is the leagues named like “english league, spanish league”? It should be premier league and the real name for all leagues?

    sorry bad english

  30. halo..this patch is great
    but when i add players in the teams in edit mode, the game get crashed..why?
    as i wanna to update the transfers

  31. @Slo: delete dt11.img in mstserver
    @all: please read note and make it. My patch isn’t error in D2 and other league, please read note and read my previous comment. You can config to img folder of patch in firetool. It will work well.

  32. thanks man!!!!!!! :D
    could you just tell me where can I change the display of the result by the old. Of course if this can be done
    another is all very well .. praise

  33. a really2 great patch mr.stevenpnt,thanks a lot..but, can u add a 3rd kit for every possible team..ex;alterbate socks,shorts…thanks again for this great patch..

  34. when i add players in the teams in edit mode, the game get crashed..why?
    as i wanna to update the transfers

  35. please comment english. I only understand it. We add make 3rd kit. Waiting for kitsever of juce and robbie

  36. @stevenpnt

    What files should i delete to remove PS3 buttons and get the original xbox360 buttons and “is this patch the replacement for the pesvn patch” ?

  37. i cant play master league wen i tri to play master league all its down and close please telme what i cant do…

  38. please help help
    i had amaster league in the last version
    with the npower league 2
    after setup this one
    my master was damaged
    every thing changed
    tell me what to do?????????

  39. stevenpnt…may god help you….with my respect to all who made a comment here….there are some stupid guys who do not read the notes which you wrote…and still asking for some stupid things…especially thos who is asking about PS3 and XBOX!!!!
    i am really suprised how some people can be stupid till this much.
    and again… stevenpnt..you are a genius..its perfect patch and i am enjoying when i play your patch…it is art to do such a patch.
    thank you so much stevenpnt….and sorry for long comment.

  40. I have two problems first, the kits of the English league and I get ill I can not change the second Divicion, please help me I pray that I have wrong??


    and install the patch to clean


  42. erreur 2 fois équipe oman.et ce n’est pas l’équipe padove en serie b mais l’équipe novara.

  43. hey guys may I ask you why the patch takes me out of game every time when I play master league with championchip teams???

  44. please help help
    i had amaster league in the last version
    with the npower league 2
    after setup this one
    my master was damaged
    every thing changed
    tell me what to do??????

  45. When i add player for transfer in edit menu, the game will crash. please help me, thanks..
    sorry my english not good

  46. Okay it says it needs another patch…sorta…wasn’t this one all in one? what should I do please help

  47. Hi guys. i think I have a problem with the selector. Everytime I select a different league and change emblems it remains the same logos (D2 league is always Championship even though the kits for teams in D2 League are for the league selected) and the emblems are HD style and cannot be changed. Is it a kitserver problem or what?

  48. can u make a video and explain how 2 instal the patch correctly..coz i cant c the new collection of teams or balls>>>

  49. Very very good work….. Albanians wanna soon Albania if you can …. This is the best patch of all that I have ever had

  50. hi men can u help me please! in the master league when i save, the game close. sorry for my english, and it´s the best patch congratulations!!

  51. Hey guys is this compatible with 1.3 official patch? And which DLC?
    Ravznan I had problems with the selector too.

  52. Hey guys, i finished my first season in master league but when it says team rank update, my team isn’t even on the list. Do you know what the problem is?


  53. hey, and could you make master league d2 championship with all 24 teams?! i see that you have made with 20 teams, but could it be with all 24?! thanks! :D

    sorry my bad english :)

  54. hello,does this patch compatible with the ADD-ON BIG STADIUM PACK PESVN Patch?pls answer me,thank U..

  55. wow! what a great patch ! love it ! but i don’t like del piero tatto’s in his hand :p, anyway, this is a very gud patch ! thx so much :D, i’m waiting for the next update :p

    sory for my english.

  56. Can you tell us step by step installation procedure. Is it compatible this patch with other mods?
    So, after I install the patch should I go and select the kitserver folder and save folder or what? Please tell us a step by step guide because I get errors and I can`t select all the leagues or all emblems. Just Championship and HD emblem. Tjis is all that I get and if I try to switch to other league I mess up the game. Thanks in advance! Bye guys!

  57. Hey guys, i finished my first season in master league but when it says team rank update, my team isn’t even on the list. Do you know what the problem is?

  58. i chose liga adelante and in game there is randomly chosen teams,and there are not real players,help please :(

  59. collection tool 4 is not able to open, display a warning of ‘the application failded to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.’
    what should I do? help me.

  60. My problem is resolved,
    I have not installed. net framework 4. friends do not forget to make sure it is installed. net framework 4 before installing this patch. excellent patch.

  61. Przy Save Game wywala mnie do Windowsa, przez co nie da się grać. To samo jest w Edit – Transfers. Naprawcie to, wydajcie jakiś Fix Update!

    Chyba wrócę do wersji 1.33, bo już mnie cholera bierze!

  62. Awesome Patch!!
    Really the best one so far. I’m just having a problem when i go to become legend, the game crashes right before saving or even before the first match starts!! I’m kindly waiting for a fix for that!
    Other than that, everything is AWESOME!!
    Thank you so much for your efforts!!

  63. i can’t unrar the folders …why is that .he told me error .please told me the steps one by one …

  64. Best patch i’ve seen yet but have 2 problems:
    1 – when i make a transfer it does not reflect when i play a league game. Player is still stuck in old team.

    2 – when i make a transfer with some teams the game crashes.

    Please assist!!!

    Great work though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Hello I wanted to thank you for the wonderful patch and all its functions I think it’s the only outstanding but one thing I wanted to know when I go to make the changes I did not save them you can give me some guidance thanks and congratulations hello
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    Dizionario – Visualizza dizionario dettagliatointeriezione0.hello0.hi0.bye0.bye-bye0.hallo0.so long0.cheerio0.hullo

  66. here is the problems: 1. kits are not related to the teams correctly
    2. championship add-on doesn’t work at all, I did see some championship teams with logos but they arent named correctly “like the team with Leeds united logos but it isnt leeds united.
    3.add-ons are not convertible, doesnt work at all. eg: changes nothing when i choose Laliga D2 instead of championship.

    hope you could get those fixed and tested “ by the way it was a fantastic patch apart from the problems.

  67. timmysums you must choose logo after that.i have unstalled it because it crashes when i go to tranfers.one add on doessn’t work.i agree that is a great effort but it has those problems i named before.i have the files still on my pc and i wait a fix for those

  68. hai if u having problem with transfer u also can use pes 2011 editor v1.4 from this tools make more easier to transfer and up date u game

  69. NICE WORK MAN! First off all the patch is really good but I have to admit though that I still did not tried ML but I will if something happens. Problem with D2 league can be solved. When you choose (for example) Npower to be a second division just change the logo to a KONAMI default and then run PES 2011. After you do that there will be no any mistakes with logos and team names in D2 league :-D

  70. Hello,
    I played Masters league and after first season, the game not continue when i get to the transfers…..how i fix it??

  71. dont work.i do everythink but it doesnt work.please fix this update.

    i have four man. united.
    when i wont to play with nations i have A.C. Milan , Inter, Liverpool…
    you guys kick ass but PLEASE FIX THIS UPDATE!

  72. My brother, I do not have words to describe how good this patch, the top of the play it just do not know where those sent rarova 7, I wrote them off but I do not know where to go, and tell me please where is Ronaldinho, if not in Milan and it does not in Flamengo, a big thank you in advance for your reply zahvalan.I just yet to say that I am from Serbia my name is Drago large-Greetings care …

  73. e care moj.nisam našo ni ja ronaldinha.sve je u kurcu.svi transferi, klubovi, sve je otišlo u kurac.tako da ću čekat da poprave ovaj update, a do tada ću igrat sa Fire Patch 1.3.3

    to najbolje i ti napravi i malo prati ovu stranicu jer će uskoro objavit popravak (tako su napravili sa 1.3 verzijom.imali su par problema i nakon 2 tjedna objavili 1.3.1 verziju.

    pozdrav iz hrvatske!


  74. brate moj ja sam zadovoljan vecinom stvari u ovom pacu,normalno da ima nekih stvarcica kao sto je i taj nestanak Ronaldinja,to je jedino sto sam primetio,hvala ti za pozdrav tebi ide pozdrav iz Srbije od pesoholicara to jest Drago iz Novog Sada,po ovome sto si napisao rekao bih da si Gavri jesam li u pravu ima li te brate na Fejsu javi da se upoznamo bolje pozdrav do odgovora…

  75. ja sam gavrić, ima me na fejsu.
    Stjepan מאָד Gavrić.
    ma ima još par ne baš sitnica.
    npr. man.united mi se pojavljuje 5-6 puta.
    nema nekoliko reprezentacija,par klubova u izboru Other European clubs itd..

  76. Slusaj me sada to je greska koja se ispravlja novim instaliranjem Patcha,uninstaliraj ga pa ponovo instaliraj ako ne ponovo i radice sve ok,videces brate samo tako uradi kod mene posle toga radi sve savraseno,to sto ti kazes sam i ja vidao i time sam sve ispravio.Uradi kako ti kazem i videces promene bices prezadovoljan,na njihovom sajtu imas i najnovije transvere uradene 01.02.2011…Probaj videces da sam u pravu ako treba i vise puta…

  77. koji je tvoj profil tacno,mislim koja slika ima ih vise…A ja sam Drago Jovanov,sincic mi je na slici?

  78. Hello everyone I wanted to know if anyone knows if there will be updates of football winter just ended, thanks to all the beautiful patch

  79. hi,
    great patch but it seems all the teams have there original pes kits as opposed to their real kits can you tell me how to fix
    i have 1.4.1 fire patch installed

  80. I am facing a problem,with second division,it shows the second league teams emblems but the teams are still the same,i mean no npower championship teams,teams are different and they are name D2 and some teams show the austria emblem,can anyone please help?barring that the patch rocks

    and where should i click? start pes2011KOMU or start pes2011

  81. hey after ii installed the update,team names are OG,now i am having another probleam,for teams like reading it shows barcelona emblem..which ahs some different colour,help pls

  82. I asks you one thing I’ve installed all the patches to play clean, I put 1.4 that is 1.4.1. where we have written that there are updates dicalciomercato winter but I do not see them, I wanted to know if my problem is I do it to others thanks for the reply in advance hello

  83. Edit the file is missing teams Žilina,Partizan.
    Error in these teams for home matches in the Champions League mode


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