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FirePatch 1.4.1 [Update Only]


FirePatch 1.4.1 [Update Only]

Features :

– Update kit: Brazil. France. Chile, Costa Rica, Inter…
– Update face: Adam (blackpool), Suarez, Prince (K.P.Boateang)…
– Add map Bundesliga
– Fix crash 20 team D2 championship when save ML
– Relink player with bootspack 4.0 by Sad.Kulnie
– Other Fixes
– Complete winter transfers

Note: copy and overwrite these foldes to folders pes. We only update transfer with addon championship and bundesliga 2 and please select logo HD with firepatch tool.

Download FirePatch 1.4.1 update :

* here: FirePatch 1.4


  1. ola parabens pelo trabalho
    gostava de saber se este patch ja vem com as actualizações das transferencias todas e se é preciso desinstalar o antigo…….
    continuem com o vosso excelente trabalho……..

  2. ovo je smesno pa gde je Partizan Patch je sranje fuj,ako radite transvere onda uradite sve ili nista,koliko vidim samo je Ronaldinjo ispravljen i nista vise ,kada instaliras radi Championship,kada pokrenes nesto drugo ostanu grbovi od proslog puta dresovi izmesani,Mancester se pojavljuje vise puta,sta rec ipatch 1.5 je vrh za vas toplo preporucujem svakom ko zeli da igra pravi fudbal…

  3. update 1.4.1 fixed Ronaldinho. You should download update 1.4.1 and next, next and finish and choose addon championship before choose other addon

    Please PES-Patch write note: Install with file setup, After install, please select addon Championship firstly, then choose logo HD, we only update for logo HD. version 1.5 i will make full logo later. Transfer, we only make for addon championship and bundesliga 2

  4. hi,
    great patch but it seems all the teams have there original pes kits as opposed to their real kits can you tell me how to fix

  5. You install FirePatch 1.4, then install 1.4.1 and read Note. Please choose addon championship firstly, then choose addon logo HD. After, you can choose other addon and remember choose logo HD.

  6. i installed fire patch 1.4.1 but no new transfers not adebayor in real madrid and no torres in chelsea help pleeez

  7. I asks you one thing I’ve installed all the patches to play clean, I put 1.4 that is 1.4.1. where we have written that there are updates dicalciomercato winter but I do not see them, I wanted to know if my problem is I do it to others thanks for the reply in advance hello

  8. problems with the stadiums man,the top roof shows a hotspot(ie. a cross mark),some files are missing

  9. AND IT STILL CRASHES WHEN TRY TO TRANSFER PLAYER!!..> yup, it’s true..how can i fixed it? help please, coz i love this patch..thx

  10. please keep updating the fire patch cause before pes2011 was boring the fire patch made it in a game i love

  11. in the note you say to copy and overwrite these foldes to folders pes.for which folders are you talking about??

  12. ottimo lavoro ragazzi!!!!!!!!!!!!la migliore patch dell’anno in assoluto!!!!!!!

  13. please, we need updated patch “ solve all problems “ we are all there to support you `

  14. c quand la prechaine mis a jour car je ne mar datendre c nana va changer de patche

  15. This patch is SO good, I can’t believe it.

    I’m still playing it and haven’t found any faults. I though it had an error in ML after playing for a few seasons, but i discovered that was just an error on my part.

    This is the best patch by far. All the other patches have faults.

    It’s very well done. Great, great job!

    Fire Patch forever.

  16. Edit the file is missing teams Žilina,Partizan.
    Error in these teams for home matches in the Champions League mode


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